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75 ml

Hydraquench Anti-Thirst Cream-Mask

Thirsty skin is bathed in softness

Skin Type: Dry
Texture: Cream

An oasis of comfort for devitalised skin. This soothing formula restores an ideal moisture balance to dry, dehydrated skin in just 5-10 minutes. Katafray Bark extract attracts moisture to skin—then seals it in to smooth fine lines and restore a soft, supple texture. Sorbier Tree Bud stimulates micro-circulation, boosting cellular renewal for a healthy-looking glow. All climates.

    How to apply
75 ml
Anti-Thirst Cream-Mask
Anti-Thirst Cream-Mask Anti-Thirst Cream-Mask
Hyaluronic acid : helps skin maintain its moisture reserves. Katafray bark : restructures the corneal layer, prevents dehydration. Sobier tree bud : boosts microcirculation. Vitamin E : protects skin from free radicals. E3P Anti-Pollution Complex protects skin from the harmful effects of today's pollution.UVA and UVB filters : protect skin against pigmentation damage caused by exposure to UV rays.
Did you know?

Katafray a responsible development programme
The harvesting of its bark is carried out in a controlled manner. The bark is used locally to build cabins for the local population. A partnership was set up for the replanting of 10,000 katafray trees, over a 5-year period.

Fair trade
A fixed amount of the retail price of katafray bark is given to Clarins' Madagascan partners in the harvest zone. This sum has been used to set up a drinking water network in the village of Morarano, and renovate and extend a school in the village of Morovoay. Organic cultivation