Expert Serums!
Tailor-made solutions
for maximum effectiveness

My Expert Serum
to control shine and purify my face
Designed to tackle shiny skin, minimize enlarged pores and ensure perfect skin texture.

• Shine-Control
• Minimizes pores
My must-have treatment
My Expert Serum
to correct my early wrinkles
A serum that combines anti-ageing and a self-exfoliating action to restore luminosity to overworked skin.

• Stimulates the natural exfoliation process
• Optimizes cell renewal
• Smoothes, revitalizes and firms

My Expert Serum
for an all-inclusive
anti-ageing solution

The serum that activates the five vital functions of the skin to sustainably enhance its youth.

• Hydrates, nourishes, oxygenates, protects and regenerates your skin
My Expert Serum
to soothe my skin and reduce redness
An ultra-soothing “emergency” treatment, instantly soothes signs of irritation.

• Soothes and comforts
• Repairs and restores
My must-have treatment
My Expert Serum
to lift my features
A vital serum for smoother skin instantly, contoured features and easier make-up application.

• Double tightening and smoothing effect
• Reshape facial contours
• Refines skin texture
Mon Sérum Expert
Anti-taches, anti-âge
Innovation de la recherche Clarins : le soin
anti-âge triple action.

• Réduit les taches
• Estompe les rides
• Restaure la luminosité profonde
My Expert Serum
to tighten my skin
Restores and intensively repairs mature skin challenged by natural hormonal changes.

• Renews and restores
• Illuminates and evens
• Protects




My Expert Serum
to moisturize and protect my skin
The intensive moisturizer that restores skin's natural hydration mechanisms.

• Deeply hydrates
• Softens and firms
• Restores comfort and a youthful radiance
My complete treatment
My must-have treatment
My Expert Serum
to lighten my complexion
The most advanced care for an immaculate complexion. The healthy glow of childhood restored.

• Lightens the complexion
• Corrects brown spots
• Smoothes the skin and refines texture

My complete treatment
My must-have treatment
  • + What is a serum for?
      - What is a serum for?
      A serum is a CONCENTRATE OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS designed to penetrate deep in the skin and BOOST THE EFFECTIVENESS of creams applied afterwards.


      Its sophisticated texture allows it to be easily and rapidly absorbed through the skin.
  • + When to use?
      - When to use?
      At any age, and according to the needs of your skin:


      DAILY: morning and/or evening before the day cream and/or night cream.


      DETOX FOR THE SKIN: in cases of occasional skin imbalances prior to using day and/or night cream (fatigue, stress, seasonal changes, etc.)
  • + How does it work?
      - How does it work?
      The formulation of the serum is so concentrated that a few drops suffice.
      The Clarins application method maximizes the effect.