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Catherine Enjolet

2004 France
Association Parrains par mille 31 rue Planchat 75020 Phone: 01 40 02 02 05 - 09 53 89 82 93

The woman
A woman of courage and action, Catherine has now healed the wounds of her difficult childhood, where others would have given up and given in. Catherine grew up in « hidden » poverty, in a family whose past wealth meant that appearances were everything. It was here she first experienced hardship and violence. When her father died, Catherine was placed with a foster family by social services. At 14, she battled on, surviving with odd jobs while she went back to school where she excelled, gaining a degree and a teaching diploma at 23, followed by a PhD in the Arts from the Sorbonne. While teaching, she found herself faced with children all too often condemned to follow a path leading to exclusion. She could not just stand by and watch their suffering. She had to do something.

Her fight: « Parrains par mille »
She fights to improve the lives of youngsters and teenagers in distress, the victims of solitude or poverty, and give them the chance to build a future in a protective, supportive environment. This association brings together a child or teenager experiencing social hardship or in emotional need with a "sponsor" prepared to give their time and love.

What about now?
Today, the Association has 15 branches in France and hundreds of children have benefited from its help and support.