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Boosters Energy Booster

Revives radiance

Product Details

Fatigued skin? Late nights, a hectic lifestyle, jet lag, dieting, chasing after kids—when life takes a toll on your skin, give it a tailor-made beauty boost!


Mix 3-5 drops with your moisturizer, mask, serum or foundation.* Booster Energy helps skin survive these daily stresses.


Its unique formula is enriched with ginseng extract, a legendary plant known for its stimulating properties:

• Revives radiance

• Tones and re-energizes

• Minimizes signs of fatigue Ginseng Known for its stimulationg properties


Mix & Match

Mix 3 to 5 drops with your regular face cream or mask. Do not use alone.

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Energy Booster
Energy Booster Energy Booster
Energy Booster video
The beauty booster for fatigued skin.

Boost your life…
Boost your skin!

The beauty booster for fatigued skin.

All your skin cells need energy to function. Cell renewal and collagen fiber production depend on it. They lose energy when they're affected by an intense lifestyle and cell metabolism slows down.

You don’t shy away from any challenge. Your drive is your great strength, but sometimes you have to admit your skin gets tired: signs of fatigue, worn-out complexion, loss of radiance, etc. Your skin lacks energy.

Scientifically proven effectiveness

Its ultra-concentrated formula is enriched with ginseng extract, a legendary Chinese medicinal plant known for millennia for its stimulating properties.

Proven effectiveness

For 83% of women,
a few drops are enough to boost the skin!*

After 1 week of use**

After 4 weeks of use**


Skin is more toned


Complexion is more radiant


Face looks more rested


Skin is full of life

more cell energy***

*Satisfaction test, 111 women, 4 weeks. **Satisfaction test, 111 women. ***Skin test: Booster Energy + cream, evaluation of the production of ATP.

Mix & Match

In the palm of your hand, mix 3 to 5 drops of your Booster with your moisturizer, mask or foundation.
An extremely quick and simple action for exceptional results.

Don't have a regular moisturizer yet?


Clarins Tips

To be full of energy all day long



When showering, put your forearms under cold water to give yourself pep and eliminate negative energy. After your shower, put on your favorite playlist and apply Tonic Oil to the rhythm of the music. This is the best way to restore your energy!


No stress!

Friends, partners, children, parties, work... Does your day look really hectic? Stay cool, efficient, and gorgeous with early morning vitamins, orange juice, and fresh fruit.


Say no to sudden fatigue in the middle of the day!

Between two meetings, enjoy the fragrance of Eau Dynamisante to boost your mood and your mind. Your new go-to energy routine: a few dried apricots, full of quick sugar (a Tibetan secret for climbing Mount Everest)!


7:00 PM? A beauty touch-up between the office and an evening out!

The legendary Beauty Flash Balm is an instant solution. It minimizes signs of fatigue, firms the skin, and brightens the face. The final touch: Instant Light Brush-On Perfector on your inner eye area will revive your eyes.


Sweet dreams.

Lying on your bed, breathe in and out several times at your own pace. Start with your hands flat on your stomach and gently slide them over your skin in a clockwise motion.
Then, with your palms flat, slide your hands from your breast bone to your navel to expel negative energy.
Keep it in mind. Once a week, go to bed earlier around 10:00 PM: the hours before midnight have more healing power!

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