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Pioneering Expert

Clarins 60th Anniversary

Skincare Innovations.
Now Skincare Icons.

Double Serum

Age-Defying Serum

One, with the power of two for optimum & visible skin youth.

Breaking the single serum boundary, Double Serum combines 2 anti-aging formulas in one Hydric + Lipidic system, this allows 20 of the most powerful plant extracts, which single phase cannot provide.

90% women think Double Serum is more effective than their usual serum*


Skin is radiant 100%

After 7 days*:

Skin is refined and smoother

After 4 weeks*:

  • 94% More even complexion
  • 92% Less visible pores
  • 98% Firmer skin
  • 94% Reduce wrinkles

*Satisfaction test. 50 Asian women. Satisfaction test. 197 women.

Plant Gold

Rebalancing Oils

60 years of success.

Preciousness of 100% pure plant extracts, essential oils and hazelnut oil, Clarins Oils are the only products never reformulated for 60 years. Especially formulated according to skin types, Clarins Oils rebalance your skin and offer the most suitable skincare answer.

100% natural pure plant extract.

After 7 days*:

  • 89% Skin pores
    are tightened
  • 96% Skin is hydrated
    all day long
  • 86.5% Wrinkles/fine
    lines are less visible

*Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. Satisfaction test - 74 Asian women.

Shaping Facial Lift

Contouring Serum

Uplift your beauty with the perfect 3V contour.

Designed for Asian women, with total V contouring power for a slimmer face, refined cheeks and lifted jawline.

89% Immediately, the face is lifted*.

After 4 weeks**:

  • Cheek volume -5.4% Cheek volume
    reduction from
    side profile
  • Global face -22.8% Global face
    from front
  • Jaw to chin line -13.2% Jaw to chin line
    sagging (or heaviness)
    while facing down

*Satisfaction test. 103 women. 4 weeks. **In vivo test. 32 Asian women. 4 weeks.