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Skincare for Radiant Complexion and Dark Spots

How to prevent dull skin and dark spots

Dull skin is a common issue nowadays. When you have dull skin, it basically means your skin appears lackluster and flat, the exact opposite of what it should be: radiant and glowing. Dull skin is usually caused by an excess of dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of your skin. It can also be triggered by skin dehydration or a lack of exfoliation.

Dark spots, on the other hand, are also commonly referred to as hyper-pigmentation. This happens when some areas of the skin produce more melanin than usual. Frequent exposure to UV rays without sun protection also accelerates hyper-pigmentation.

So if you struggle with dull skin, hyper-pigmentation, or both, fret not. With the right dull skin products and dark spot treatment skincare, you can finally achieve the radiant, youthful complexion you’ve always desired.

How to achieve a radiant complexion

The steps to attaining a radiant complexion are rather simple. First, you should cleanse your skin in the morning and evening to rinse off impurities, dirt and excess oil. Try our White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Creamy Mousse Cleanser, a gentle foaming mousse cleanser that purges impurities, sebum and environmental pollutants from skin, leaving it luminous and refreshed. Packed with Acerola Fruit, Sandspurry, Lady’s Mantle and Moringa extracts, the whipped texture of this cleanser relaxes skin. It is a perfect addition to your skincare routine for dull skin. You should also exfoliate your face at least once or twice a week to remove the buildup of dead skin cells.

After cleansing or exfoliating, tone your skin with the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion. This dark spot solution is made with Acerola and Spergularia extracts to brighten complexion, while keeping it hydrated and soft. Ideal for combination, oily and normal complexions, this clarifying and brightening toner decelerates the process of hyper-pigmentation. It also contains Ginkgo Biloba that triggers micro-circulation in the skin. Customers love this oil-free dark spot treatment lotion because it leaves the skin looking clearer, brighter and refreshed. If you have dry to combination skin, try the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Milk Treatment Lotion instead.

You should also apply the White Plus Pure Translucency Tri-Intensive Brightening Serum. This bestseller is a powerful dark spot remover because 94% of our customers have reported that their skin became fairer and more translucent after using this serum for 21 days. Designed with White Tea and Acerola Fruit, this dark spot treatment serum effectively slows down the process of melanin production in the skin while restoring your natural dewy glow. So if you’re seeking a skin-safe dark spot solution, give this a try.

Using a brightening moisturiser is an important step in your skincare routine for dull skin. Emulsions are lightweight, non-sticky moisturisers. Prep your skin with the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Emulsion to further nourish and soften your complexion. Good for day and night use, it also serves as a dark spot remover because women have seen a visible decrease in hyper-pigmentation over time. If you’re looking for a face brightening emulsion with SPF, try the White Plus Pure Translucency Brightening Emulsion SPF20 PA+++.

Wake up to fairer skin with the White Plus Brightening Revive Night-Mask Gel, which melts into the skin to actively smooth and soften your complexion. This gel cream can be used 3 ways. Apply in a thicker layer as an intensive face mask for a quick pick-me-up, use as an overnight face mask, or use it as a night face cream.

Prime Up for Radiant Skin

Lastly, prime your skin with the Beauty Flash Balm. This well-loved dull skin product is the perfect pick-me-up for tired skin. It brightens and tightens facial contours so your skin appears rested and relaxed, while Olive and Witch Hazel extracts smooth the skin’s surface and reduces wrinkles. Apply a thin layer to your face and neck right before adding makeup. It’s a great addition to your skincare routine for dull skin, and you can also use this as a face mask 2 to 3 times a week.

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