14-25 DEC
Enhancing Eye Lift
Rich in Plant Extracts for Bigger, Bolder, More Beautiful Eyes.
Body Shaping Cream
Keeps your Body Slimmer, Firmer and Hydrated
UV Plus Pink
The Tinted Complete Anti-UV & Anti-Pollution Against Harmful Pollutants
Stretch Mark Control Cream
Prevents and Diminishes Stretch Marks for A Smooth & Supple Skin.
Lip Comfort Oil
Nourishes & Plumps, Enhancing the Beauty of Lips
Tonic Body Treatment Oil
Firms, Tone and Improves the Skin's Elasticity
White Plus Serum
Promotes Skin's Translucency for a Spotless, Healthy Glow.
Fix Make-up
The Secret To A Long Lasting Make-up
Double Serum
21 Potent Plant Extracts For Visibly Smoother, Firmer And Radiant Skin
Extra-Firming Eye
2-in-1 Anti-aging Eye Balm for Youthful, Brighter-looking Eyes
Body Fit
Anti-Cellulite Slimming Expert
V Shaping Facial Lift
Pioneer in Facial Contouring Treatment
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