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Clarins Malaysia: Eye Makeup

Beautiful eye makeup isn’t hard to achieve. Once you’ve acquired the skills, all you need are the right eye makeup products to turn that vision into reality.

For those that are looking to buy the best eye makeup online, we guarantee that Clarins’ range of eye makeup products will deliver the results you want and more.

If you’re looking for eye makeup products online, such as a volumising mascara, you’ll fall in love with the Clarins Supra Volume Mascara. This amazing beauty tool also doubles as a lash treatment, resulting in 17.6% thicker lashes after repeated applications. Made with Cassia flower wax, it intensifies and accentuates eyelashes with extra care, while coating your lashes with a rich black colour. Say hello to thicker, fuller lashes with one of the best eye makeup products ever, the Double Fix Mascara. In addition to taming your eyebrows, this transparent liquid also doubles up as waterproof coat for regular mascara.

We also highly recommend the Waterproof Eye Pencil, a black pigmented and water-resistant eye makeup product that will not smudge! It’s the perfect long-lasting eyeliner with intense colour. If you’re going for a dramatic look, this eyeliner will definitely turn heads.

Clarins 4-Colour Eyeshadow Palette is available in four variants that contain quartets of satin, matte and iridescent finishes. Have fun blending the gorgeous shades to achieve any unique look you want.

A popular eye makeup product online is the 4-Colour All-In-One Pen, which can be used to add structure to your eyes and lips. What is it, exactly? Well, you can use the intense black tip to enhance your eyes, or define your lips with the brighter shades. This pen is available in 2 shades; 01 comes with a lighter nude, pink lip liner while the other, 02, is darker with a red lip liner. You can also use it to contour your eyes. This handy travel-sized pen is made from sunflower and jojoba, so it provides sheer comfort to your eyelids and lips.

If you’d like to buy more eye makeup products online, check out Clarins’ website for a wide selection of premium, quality products today.