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Clarins Malaysia: Mascara

What’s the secret to longer, fuller lashes? Forget falsies or eyelash extensions – a great eye mascara is just what you need! At Clarins, you can buy your ideal mascara online in a few simple clicks and have it delivered to your doorstep. As an internationally renowned brand with decades of experience manufacturing skincare and cosmetics, Clarins is a brand you can definitely trust. So if you’re considering getting eye mascara online, here are our two bestsellers online: Supra Volume Mascara and Double Fix Mascara.

With the Supra Volume Mascara, all your worries about sparse and short lashes will disappear. Formulated with carnauba and cassia flower waxes, the Supra Volume Mascara is one of the best eye mascaras around because it adorns your lashes with volume and colour, opening your eyes while adding personality and definition to your eye makeup. Whether you’re going for an all-natural or dramatic look, this mascara makeup will turn your eyes into stunning peepers in seconds.

On top of that, the effect isn’t temporary. Many customers have reported a 17.6% increase in lash volume just after 4 weeks of usage! We’re not exaggerating – this eye mascara has garnered positive results among many users and we’re sure you’ll be amazed when you try it for yourself. As it is enhanced with a Volume Booster Complex, this mascara actually thickens sparse lashes with each application and has been praised by customers for improving lash volume from root to tip. Currently, this well-loved mascara makeup is also available in a Limited Edition packaging for a brief period of time on our site, so get it while stocks last!

If you’re worried about your mascara smudging or running down your face, we have the solution: the Double Fix Mascara is both a mascara and a weatherproof top-coat that helps to hold your mascara makeup in place. Apply this after the Supra Volume Mascara for added protection against humidity.

Clarins carries two of the best eye mascaras around, so don’t hesitate to check out our website to buy these mascaras online.