[Expired] Black Friday Sale 2023 at Clarins Malaysia - Online Skincare Deals & Promotions

The History of Black Friday

Black Friday is an annual tradition that originated in the United States, commonly known as the Friday after Thanksgiving. The concept of Black Friday is linked to post-Thanksgiving sales, where shops would offer exclusive Black Friday deals. These sales were always so attractive that people would line up outside the stores the night before, eager to not miss out on any of the special promotions.

Over the years, Black Friday sales spread worldwide, becoming an annual shopping event where stores would offer amazing discounts and deals.

[Expired] Clarins’ 2023 Black Friday Promotions are Back! (23rd - 28th November 2023)

[Expired] Clarins’ Black Friday storewide deals in Malaysia are always worth the wait, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Whether you’re a Clarins regular or a first-time shopper, this is the perfect moment to grab the Clarins skincare products you’ve been eyeing for.

[Expired] With the holiday season approaching, most people are already making shopping lists and purchasing gifts for their loved ones. While you’re browsing for the best gifts, be sure to use this opportunity to pamper yourself too. Don’t forget to check out our irresistible Black Friday skincare promotions and treat yourself to some youth-boosting skincare products.

[Expired] Clarins’ skincare products are formulated with high-performing botanical ingredients. Whether you have dry, oily, combination, sensitive or normal skin, we have specially tailored skincare products for all skin types.

Thank you for visiting our website and joining us on Black Friday campaign to celebrate the beauty of you! While Black Friday 2023 campaign has ended, stay tuned for our Special Offers to catch up with the latest promotions this coming holidays. Feel free to browse and shop online for more skincare and body care products on our website!