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Stores in Malaysia

Looking for the nearest Clarins store near you? We have got you covered with our Store and Spa directory that will have you feeling pampered in no time.

Red And White Store Fronts Decked Out In Sheer Opulence

Shop for the best plant-based beauty products in attractive stores that are adorned with red and white themes. Marvel at our collection of beauty products that will help you look and feel amazing from within. Advocates for the environment, we believe in our ability to constantly find newfound solutions that push the very forefront of beauty innovation. Whether it’s at the posh location of KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall’s central hub of entertainment or One Utama’s neighbourhood charm, you’re in good hands.

Shopping And Spa Treatments Have Never Looked So Good

With well versed staff that know about all aspects of Clarins, your shopping experience is all but a breeze. Rejuvenate and recharge lost energies with our Skin Spa for the ultimate pampering extravagance. Soak in our tranquil abode for a little me-time where you can let loose and simply unwind. Let our skilful beauty therapists take care of your facial and body needs through tried and tested methods. Harnessing the power of science, our unique blend of botanicals results in the purest form of treatment that will help you relax after a stressful week.

Experience The Very Best Of Clarins Now

Did all that catch your interest? Feel free to visit us at our stores and spa retreats now for an escapade that will have you returning again, and again.