Clarins Malaysia Double Serum for radiant, youthful looking skin

Double Serum
Double Power

For Firm, Radiant,
Youthful Looking Skin

*Internal Clarins sales & data - Worldwide, Double Serum range, 2021 (for 1 sold every 5 seconds)

#1 Worldwide Bestseller

Clarins Malaysia Double Serum
Clarins Malaysia Double Serum Texture

2-in-1 Serum: Unique Water & Oil Double Formula

[2/3 Hydric + 1/3 Lipidic]

The unique water oil double formula to blend both water soluble and oil soluble plant ingredients into the same product.

Enables skin to quickly and easily absorb the formula.

Exclusive Double Science

Double Serum Bio-affinity with skin

Perfect Bio-affinity with skin.

Provide the golden water oil ratio that's close to that of human skin, which enables skin to quickly and easily absorb the formula

Clarins Malaysia Double Serum cell sensory intelligence technology

Skin's Core Sensory Intelligence Technology

Empowered by Turmerone, the key active from Turmeric extract.

Skin's core sensory capacity in skin is increased by 126%.

With higher cell sensory capacity, the skin’s 5 vital functions will be boosted as well.

Double Serum for visibly smoother skin in 7 days

In only 7 days,
your skin is: 

*Satisfaction test, multi-ethnic panel, 362 women - using Double Serum

Star ingredient:
Turmeric Extract

Contains 65% turmerone to boost cell sensory capacity.

Co-work with other 20 potent plant extracts for anti-ageing benefits that have a specific action on each of the skin’s 5 vital functions.

Clarins Malaysia Double Serum Eye with Turmeric and Wild Chervil

The Perfect DUO
for Anti-Aging

Clarins Malaysia Double Serum Eye with Turmeric and Wild Chervil 88%**

of the women who tried both products said they were the perfect product DUO for providing global, anti-aging results

**Satisfaction test, 28 days Double Serum Eye
+ 7 days in Double Serum duo, 108 women

Enjoy the perfect DUO with Clarins touch

How to apply Double Serum Duo - Clarins Malaysia

Loving this product. Can see my skin improvement after a week of usage. Definitely a must-have product for my everyday skincare routine



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My skin looks
so much younger
and firmer after
using it for 10 years”



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