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Clarins Malaysia: Eyeliner

Here’s a word of advice – never underestimate the power of a good eyeliner. Some women won’t even leave the house without adorning their eyes with eyeliner makeup, because they understand the difference it makes. If you want to buy eyeliner online, you’ll love Clarins’ impressive range of eyeliner makeup.

Clarins 3-Dot Liner is a wonderful make-up tool that will drastically alter the way you view eyeliners. It’s different from your regular waterproof eyeliner pencil because this special eyeliner engages a three-point sponge applicator that delivers lines and colour with precision and ease. Unlike the regular one-dot liner most of us are used to, the 3-Dot Liner lives up to its moniker by filling in the space between each eyelash “dot-by-dot”, instantly creating the illusion of bigger eyes and fuller eyelashes. In addition, it’s also the perfect eyeliner for beginners to start with because its unique 3-Dot method makes it simple to apply. Just glide the eyeliner along your lash line and you’ll have the stunning eyes you’ve always wanted.

We understand that wearing eyeliner in Malaysia has its challenges due to the humidity. Clarins’ Waterproof Eye Pencil is another classic eyeliner in Malaysia that’s suitable for the weather. It’s easy to use, trendy and smudge-proof. Thanks to its water-resistant properties, it’s perfect for the beach too.

Last but not least, the 4-Colour All-In-One Pen is an innovative eyeliner makeup that also doubles as a lip liner. It has an intense black tip to define the shape of your eyes, while darker shades are used for your eyebrow and eyelid to further enhance your appearance. For instance, shades like emerald green or brown can be used to produce an eye shadow effect. The brighter colours like pink and red can be used to define your lips as well. Its handy travel-size makes it the perfect companion for light touch-ups throughout the day and night.

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