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Buy Foundation Make-Up Online at Clarins Malaysia

What is a foundation?

When foundation make-up first appeared in the beauty scene, it changed the rules of make-up forever. If you have pimples, dark spots or redness on your face, a foundation can fix that. A good foundation is meant to improve your skin tone and texture without being cakey or dehydrating. Clarins offers plant-based foundation make-up for all skin types with nourishing skincare benefits to give you a natural-looking complexion.

What are the various types of foundation?

Understanding foundation and its types will help you make a well-informed decision if you’re planning to buy foundation online. Liquid foundations are a universal favourite these days because they’re extremely easy to blend and they feel natural on the skin.

Foundations with Lightweight and Natural Finish

For lightweight and natural coverage, try our Skin Illusion SPF15 Natural Hydrating Foundation. It’s a 2-in-1 serum foundation that introduces the fluidity of a serum with just the right amount of pigment for a natural, barely-there finish. Just a few drops of this lightweight serum foundation is enough to transform your complexion while leaving your skin hydrated. You’ll never have to worry about dry or flaky skin after using this for long hours. In fact, your skin will feel fresh and smooth throughout the day. It also contains SPF protection to shield your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Long-Lasting Foundations with Matte Finish

The Everlasting Youth Fluid is exactly as its name suggests – a long-lasting foundation to keep your skin looking youthful and flawless, as though you never aged a day. This anti-ageing product is formulated with Red Jania extracts and Skin Tone Optimising Complex to give your skin a radiant glow. Apart from concealing age spots, wrinkles and roughness, this matte finish foundation also plumps your skin, minimises pores and hydrates your complexion.

Cushion foundations

Cushion foundations are highly popular for their easy application and dewy glow. Looking for a brightening foundation to illuminate your skin tone and conceal dark spots? Meet the Bright Plus Brightening Cushion Foundation, infused with SPF50 for extra protection against the sun. This brightening foundation delivers flawless coverage with each pat while protecting your skin with the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex. Made with a powerful blend of Acerola, Furcellaria, White Horehound and Succory Dock-cress, you’ll love how this foundation effortlessly brightens your complexion and camouflages dark spots.
The Everlasting Cushion Foundation SPF50 gives you a dewy glow and solid coverage. Enriched with Quinoa extracts, it’s a compact, long-lasting foundation that has been proven to provide 24-hour hydration without feeling thick or heavy. Its lightweight formula quenches the skin and enables breathability. Air holes in the sponge boast freshness and radiance without any excess shine.

How to apply foundation

When applying a liquid foundation, place a few drops of our Clarins liquid foundation on your palm and rub palms together to warm the foundation up to your body temperature. Then pat it onto your face, gently spreading the formula to ensure a full coverage. You should begin from the middle area and work outwards, blending the liquid at your hairline, neckline and ears. Finally, place some pressure by pressing your fingertips against your face to set the foundation. For cushion foundations, push the sponge gently into the product and twist it on the surface of the cushion to evenly distribute the foundation before applying it on your face. Use a light tapping motion, being sure to get the product in areas that may be harder to reach, like the sides of your nose.

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