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The importance of make-up

Make-up enhances your natural beauty and keeps you looking fresh throughout the day. A dramatic eyeliner, a sensual red lipstick or a cheeky dab of blush helps you express yourself in a new way. With the right make-up products, you can draw attention to your best features and shift the focus away from your blemishes.

What you apply on your skin matters, because products with harsh chemicals can trigger breakouts and affect your complexion. The safest and best make-up products contain plant-based ingredients with skincare benefits, such as Clarins’ make-up range.

Why use Clarins's products

Our Clarins beauty products are formulated with quality botanical extracts that merge the best of natural skincare and make-up, so you get pigmented, long-lasting make-up with skin-friendly formulas that nourish and hydrate your skin.

Best selling makeup products

  • Base Make-Up

  • A good primer sets the stage for the rest of your make-up. The SOS Primer is our best selling primer that effectively reduces redness, dullness and dark spots in an instant. Made with Organic Sea Lily extracts and High Lumitech Complex, this refreshing formula holds make-up for long hours, evens out your skin tone and protects the skin from environmental stressors. Its weightless texture also allows maximum breathability, reducing the chances of clogged pores and acne. This primer comes in seven shades to suit your beauty concerns.

  • Foundations

  • Foundations are necessary to conceal blemishes and create a balanced skin tone. If you’re looking for a foundation for dry skin, our Skin Illusion SPF15 is a popular pick. Perfectly pigmented with serum-like fluidity, it shields your skin from sun damage, and gives you a flawless, non-cakey finish. The Everlasting Youth Fluid is another best selling foundation for all skin types, including oily skin. Its hydrating formula promises a youthful glow and a naturally smooth, blemish-free complexion.

    Apply some make-up setting spray over your face for a long-lasting finish. Besides keeping your make-up in place, its hydrating formula instantly soothes and gives your skin a moisturising boost.

  • Eye Make-Up

  • Our Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof is our best selling waterproof mascara. Apart from being resistant to water and sweat, it also visibly enhances the length, curve and volume of your lashes to give you gorgeous, dramatic eyes in seconds. Blue Lotus Wax also creates a protective barrier around your lashes to strengthen and lengthen your lashes over time.

  • Lip Make-Up

  • For extra moisture, coat your lips with our Lip Comfort Oil, enhanced with Jojoba, Hazelnut and Raspberry oils to protect, nourish and hydrate your lips throughout the day. Customers also love its non-sticky and non-greasy formula.

    For more beauty tips on choosing and applying make-up, read this.