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Clarins MY: Lip Glosses

Clarins Malaysia’s’ lip gloss addresses the common issue through its award-winning Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector – a softly textured lip gel infused with a subtly sweet scent that gives your lips the crystal-like shine without the discomfort.

Say goodbye to pale, dry lips with this lip gloss. The application is smooth and easy, leaving your lips feeling moist, comfortable and supple for hours. Choose between three gorgeous lip gloss shades: Rose Shimmer, Toffee Pink Shimmer and Plum Shimmer.

Rose Shimmer is a soft, peachy hue while Toffee Pink Shimmer is a natural-looking shade that almost matches your lip colour. Plum Shimmer is a deeper mix of purplish pink, and it looks great on all lips. Although sheer, the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector contains enough colour to dress your lips in a natural, pretty shine while ensuring that they stay hydrated and soft.

You know that annoying feeling of having hair stuck in your lip gloss? With this Clarins lip gloss, you won’t have to deal with that pet peeve anymore. You can also wear it over your Water Lip Stain or Joli Rouge lipstick for an added shine.

You can easily buy this lip gloss online in Malaysia and have it delivered to your door. Just visit our website to view our full range of skincare and makeup products.