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What is a lipstick?

Can you imagine a beauty routine without lip make-up? We can’t either. Lipsticks are a classic lip product designed to enhance the shape of your lips and promote self-expression. The mere presence of lipstick adds volumes to your make-up.

When choosing lipsticks, opt for plant-based lipsticks with non-drying formulas. Clarins’ lip make-up is specially designed with plant-based ingredients that won’t dry the lips. Each lip product is formulated with intense pigmentation and lip care benefits.

What are the type of lipsticks?

With endless lipstick options in the market, it’s important to understand the various types available and how they all fit into your requirements.

Lip lacquers are also known as glossy lipsticks with hydrating, balm-like properties. They’re ideal for dry and thin lips. A well-loved Clarins lip lacquer is the Joli Rouge Lacquer, designed with organic Glasswort extracts and botanical oils for lip nourishment. This hydrating lipstick glides on smoothly to provide intense vinyl colour and shine. It’s perfect if you’re looking for glossy, bold colour with hydrating benefits.

Matte lipsticks are great for concealing pigmented or patchy lips. Unlike many matte lipsticks in the market, Clarins’ Joli Rouge Velvet is infused with a luxuriously moisturising blend of organic Glasswort and Apricot extracts to nourish the lips and prevent dehydration. It slides on seamlessly, dressing your lips in rich, velvety sophistication.

You can never go wrong with a classic cream lipstick like the Joli Rouge. Designed for long-lasting colour and hydration, this moisturising lipstick comes in a wide array of stunning shades to suit your palette. Mango and Salicornia extracts deliver comfort and softness, while the rich and creamy formula leaves your lips with a beautiful satin finish.

How to choose your lipstick shade?

Choosing the right lipstick shade is very important. The first step is to define your skin tone. If you have fair skin, you can opt for shades like coral, peach, light pink or deep red hues like wine and ruby. Those with medium skin tones usually look great in colours like rose, berry or cherry red. If you have dark skin, you can experiment with deeper shades such as plum, wine and blue-based reds.

How to apply lipstick perfectly?

Applying lipstick is an art. Before applying the actual lipstick, you need to prep your lips with a good exfoliator or balm. This helps prevent chapped or cracked lips, especially if you’re planning on using a matte lipstick. Apply a layer of balm before to fill the cracks and provide texture to your lips.

Experts also recommend using a lip liner to give your lips a natural outline. It also helps define your cupid’s bow. When applying your lipstick, be sure to colour the inner corners as well. If you have thin lips, avoid using dark colours as they will make your lips appear smaller. For more tips on applying make-up, read this.

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