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Clarins Malaysia: Face Contouring Skin Care

Desiring the perfect V-shaped face

Many Asian women have desired the perfect V-shaped face for numerous decades. Unfortunately, research has shown that some of our daily habits such as being outdoors in the sun without sunscreen, or glancing down at our phones for long periods throughout the day can hinder our body’s collagen production, which can result in sagging skin and decreased skin elasticity in certain areas.

Makeup plays a large role in V-face contouring, but it’s a time-consuming task with short-term benefits. The moment you remove your makeup, your V-face contouring disappears too. Therefore, some women undergo cosmetic surgery to achieve this look.

What if you could permanently achieve your desired facial shape without having to rely on surgery or makeup?

Getting your V-shaped face with a contouring serum

The secret lies in facial contouring products like the Clarins’ V Shaping Facial Lift, a powerful contour sculpting serum that has been specially formulated for Asian women of all skin types. Whether you have oily, normal, dry or combination skin, this contouring serum is perfect for you. Made with a potent blend of plant-based ingredients, this lightweight serum aims to refine your face and accentuate your most alluring curves by naturally lifting sagging skin and sculpting facial contours, so your features appear more defined. That’s not all.

The serum also tightens skin to restore density and suppleness in areas where your skin might be losing elasticity. Not only does its advanced formula work against excess water retention and facial roundness, it also challenges the pull of gravity. Guarana and Zerumbet extracts are useful for flushing out stored fats in your skin and tissue layers.

Our customers have praised this serum for being effective, with many testimonials on how this product has miraculously made their face appear slimmer, less puffy and beautifully sculpted.

You’ll never have to worry about greasy or sticky residues because its lightweight texture absorbs seamlessly into skin, leaving a refreshing scent behind that makes it easier to apply. Because it is formulated with high-quality botanical ingredients, it’s also mild enough not to cause any skin irritations. So if you have sensitive skin, this serum could be perfect for you.

Applying the V Shaping Facial Lift Serum

The application of this serum is important to ensure that you’re giving your skin the best benefits. First, pump the serum into the palm of your hand and gently warm it between your palms, then apply it by gently pressing your palms against your face to allow the liquid to transfer into your skin. Be sure to apply it on your neck as well.

After you’ve applied the product, it’s time to drain your facial contour. This is an auto-lifting facial massage that effectively shapes your facial contours. To do this, you should position your elbows on your knees and then place the weight of your face in both palms. Cover your eyes and forehead with your hands for 10 seconds. Next, press your palms over your cheekbones for 10 seconds, and then cover your face using your palms again for another 10 seconds. Gently envelop the lower part of your face for 10 seconds, and then clench your fists and place them beneath your jaw. Finally, place your fingertips on your collar bones, press and release 3 times. This technique, coupled with the contouring serum, helps reduce puffiness while raising facial contours naturally and beautifully.

For even better results, combine the serum with the V Facial Intensive Wrap. This face mask is specifically designed to refine the contours of your face. Its highly effective plant-based ingredients eliminates puffiness by draining excess water and toxins. Simply apply a thick layer onto the areas of your face that are prone to water retention, such as your and remove after 10 minutes. Your face will appear smoother and slimmer after use.

While the serum targets the face, the Enhancing Eye Lift works to lift droopy eyelids and brighten dark circles. It’s the perfect eye serum for brighter, bigger and bolder eyes. It also helps to fortify your lashes naturally with enriching properties of Panthenol.

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