Skincare Tips: How To Slim Your Face & Achieve The V-Shaped Jaw?

Doe-eyed beauty with a distinctively sharp V-shaped face and a sculpted jawline are one of the most sought-after looks. With the advent of the Japanese small face and V-shaped jaw, beauty trends have shifted from rounder, childlike faces to more contoured, defined features, thus marking the start of the demand for a V-shaped face. How do you get a slimmer face if genetics hasn’t blessed you with one already?

Tip 1: Massage Magic

Massages aren’t just relaxing. When paired with facial exercises, they can help to increase collagen and elastin levels in skin, and stimulate the circulation of lymph fluids around the body, giving it a plumping boost while speeding up the removal of toxic and waste from our lymphatic system. Don’t forget to use the Clarins V-Shaping Facial Lift Application Method when applying a lifting serum such as the V Shaping Facial Lift for better absorption. The V Shaping Facial Lift serum does triple duty to sculpt facial contours while reducing puffiness and the appearance of double chins. But that’s not all you can do to get a V-shaped face.

Tip 2: Food For Fabulous Skin

For a less bloated face, reduce or cut out fat, sugar and salt from your diet as much as possible. Excess sodium is notorious for causing bloat and should therefore be consumed in moderation. Load up on fibre and vitamin E as both contribute to a radiant complexion.

Tip 3: Live, Laugh & Love Your Body

A healthier lifestyle also contributes to the health (of your skin and facial features. Excess alcohol consumption can cause dehydration, blotchy skin and even bloating, as your skin tries to hold on to as much water as it can when being dehydrated. Sleeping late or sleeping too little can also affect the puffiness of your facial features so make sure you get your much-needed 8 hours of beauty sleep. Don’t forget the most important rule of getting a V-shaped face and overall gorgeous skin: stay hydrated.

Tip 4: Make Use of Life Hacks

Life hacks are there for a reason! There are times when instant depuffing is needed, especially when you have important functions like date night, a night out with the ladies or even wedding dinners. In these situations, the Clarins V-Facial Intensive Wrap will do wonders. This luxurious and effective sculpting wrap instantly depuffs on the go, helping you look less puffy and much slimmer almost immediately. Infused with potent ingredients such as Chinese Barley and Ginkgo extracts, it also helps eliminate puffiness, brighten complexion and refine facial features by draining excess water and toxins.

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