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Clarins Malaysia: Body Contouring Product

As women age, slimming care products will be on top of their priorities, and cellulite becomes a looming insecurity that manifests through lumpy, dimpled skin. Thankfully, Clarins’ body contour creams are able to help. Say hello to your new personal trainer: Clarins Body Fit. As one of our bestselling cellulite control creams, this body contour product is known to reduce the appearance of cellulite, firm up the skin, and refine contours.

Apply this in the morning and at night from the ankles right up to the waist, making sure to emphasise on the thighs, buttocks and hips. Infused with Quince Leaf extract, Celosia and Water Mint, this non-sticky cellulite control cream effectively tightens the skin and diminishes the sight of cellulite, bringing you closer to the sculpted, toned figure you’ve always yearned for. For better efficacy, use this cellulite control cream before and after exercise.

Another body slimming product to add to your slimming care routine is the Body Shaping Cream, which helps keep your body slim, toned and hydrated. It speeds up micro-circulation in your body to decrease the size of cellulite-causing swollen tissue cells. This moisturizing body contour cream is also perfect for massages because it melts into the skin to refine and firm up loose skin.

The Super Restorative Redefining Body Care is a great body contour product for women over 50 years old. As wrinkles ebb away, you’ll also notice a more nourished, moisturized and lifted skin around the waist. If you’re shopping for a treatment oil to strengthen and contour tired legs, try our Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil. Packed with Hazelnut extracts, it removes body toxins while leaving your skin silky smooth.

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