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The importance of body moisturisers and lotions

Just like face creams, body lotions and moisturisers are equally important to keep the skin on your body hydrated, soft and wrinkle-free. The skin is your body’s largest organ and requires hydration too. Heat, dehydration and ageing can affect your skin texture, causing rough patches, flaking and itchiness. Want better skin? Start by incorporating a moisturising body lotion into your body care regime each day to keep your skin soft and supple.

Various types of body moisturisers

Body moisturisers are available in various textures. Body lotions have a milky consistency, and they absorb very quickly into the skin to deliver intense hydration. Aromatic body lotions are always a good choice because they smell good and leave your skin feeling extra soft without any greasy residue.

The Wonder Fig Body Lotion is a lightly perfumed body lotion that gives you a pleasant whiff of the fresh outdoors. It melts into your skin like the tree’s milky sap to nourish and soften. Another popular scented body lotion is the Tonic Citrus Body Lotion, infused with Citrus and Hazelnut Oil to soften your skin and invigorate your senses. Most women love the floral scent of our Sweet Neroli Body Lotion, which also hydrates the skin while inducing feelings of wellness.

Body serums are packed with active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. Because of their lightweight, watery texture, they dissolve almost instantly into the skin, while carrying powerful moisturising benefits to hydrate, repair and nourish dry skin.

Body balms or creams have a rich and creamy texture. These lush body moisturisers are highly recommended for severely dry skin as they help to lock in moisture and improve your skin’s natural barrier while preventing dehydration.

Body moisturisers for more specific skincare concerns

Concerned about wrinkles or sagging skin? It’s never too late to use an anti-ageing body moisturiser. The Renew-Plus Body Serum is a lightweight serum made with Water Lily to restore smoothness and firmness to sagging skin. It also removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles and softens dry patches, leaving you with soft, supple skin in no time.

If you have dry or flaky skin, give your skin an intense moisture boost with our Moisture-Rich Body Lotion. Made with premium botanical ingredients, this body moisturiser is specially formulated for dehydrated skin as it instantly hydrates and soothes dry patches, while restoring softness and density to the skin. Shea Butter and Bitter Orange moisturise the skin, while Peach Milk and Candlenut Oil enhances your skin’s protective hydrolipidic layer to minimise signs of dehydration.

For an aromatherapeutic body moisturiser that soothes dryness, try the Tonic Body Balm. Enriched with Ginseng and Apple Seed Oil, this moisturising balm delivers a non-greasy, satin-fresh finish for soft and smooth skin. While it is fragrance-free, it contains the aromatic scents from natural essential oils like Geranium, Mint, Rosewood and Rosemary.

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