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What are bust care creams?

Ageing and hormonal changes can cause our skin to sag, leading to sagging breasts over time. This is also common in most mothers during pregnancy and post-birth. Push-up bras only offer a temporary lift, but if you want something permanent without undergoing surgery, look no further than a breast firming cream. Bust care creams are an easy way to lift and firm sagging breasts without needles or expensive treatments.

Why is bust care important?

Investing in bust care products is important in maintaining your bust’s natural shape and preventing sagging breasts. With ageing-related hormonal changes, it’s natural for the delicate skin tissue around your breasts to get dehydrated and lose its density, which is why it’s important to use firming products to lift, tighten and sculpt the bust line.

Why use Clarins’ bust care products?

Clarins’ breast care products are made with high-quality plant-based ingredients. What you apply on your skin matters, so opt for natural, toxin-free products that effectively nourish the skin without triggering allergies or skin irritations. Apart from that, our bust care range is totally safe for pregnant women as well.

Types of bust care products to target concerns

  1. Bust-Lifting Cream

  2. If age is taking a toll on your breasts, give your bust a lift with the Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel. This bestselling gel visibly enhances the shape of your bust with the help of collagen-boosting Vu Sua and Oat Sugars. It firms up slacking skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and tightens the bust line for supple, firmer-looking breasts. Oat Sugars form an invisible “natural bra,” making your breasts appear more defined.

    This bust firming gel also helps to strengthen, tone and hydrate the skin to prevent sagging. Apply this each morning from the base of your breasts to your chin. This refreshing, lightweight gel absorbs quickly without any stickiness or greasiness.

  3. Bust-Firming Cream

  4. For firmer-looking breasts, apply the Bust Beauty Lotion. Made with Organic Quince, Vu Sua and Clarins’ exclusive VoluformⓇ, this breast-lifting lotion promotes fuller-looking breasts by enhancing the appearance of your bust volume at the “natural bra” area. This lotion moisturises the skin to prevent skin dehydration while toning and maintaining a supple, full bust effect. Free from toxins and harsh chemicals, this plant-based lotion is absolutely safe to use during and after pregnancy as well.

  5. Pregnancy-Safe Bust Cream for Breast Feeding Care

  6. The Bust Beauty Firming Lotion is a pregnancy-safe skin care product that effectively contours the skin for you, letting you have younger and more supple breasts in no time. Forming an invisible “natural bra,” this overnight treatment is enriched with Vu Sua and Bocoa extracts to help improve skin elasticity and firmness around the bust area, which promotes a firmer, smoother decollete all the way to the chin. Apart from firming your chest area, it also nourishes and leaves your skin velvety-soft. Start your new bust care routine by applying this lotion starting from the base of your breasts up to your chin, focusing on your decollete.

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