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Clarins Malaysia: Bust Care

Breasts naturally sag due to aging and pregnancy, but not to worry, there are safe, easy ways to combat the process without involving needles and expensive treatments. Clarins’ Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel is a bestselling breast firming gel designed to support, lift and tighten the bust.

Oat sugars create an invisible mesh around the breasts to form a “natural bra”, so breasts appear higher on the bust line. This breast firming gel is also infused with Caimito (Vu Sua) to strengthen collagen fibres and restore firmness to the skin, contributing to more defined breasts. It’s especially helpful for women who wish to regain post-pregnancy firmness on their busts. For the best results, apply this every morning from the base of your breasts up to your chin.

Women also love our Bust Beauty Lotion, a velvety bust cream with Clarins’ exclusive VoluformⓇ. This bust beauty lotion helps with the appearance of fuller breasts through a shapely breast silhouette. Made with Organic Quinoa extracts and Vu Sua, this bust cream effectively tones the skin while maintaining a full bust effect.

The Bust Beauty Firming Lotion is an effective pregnancy skincare product and bust-firming lotion that visibly tones the skin around your breasts while restoring density and firmness, so you can get your breasts looking young again in no time. This bust-firming lotion is an effective overnight treatment infused with Vu Sua and Bocoa extracts, which help form an invisible “natural bra” beneath the breasts to restore density to the bust area. Smooth it down your neck as well for a firmer décolleté.

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