Body Care Tips: How to Get Rid of Cellulite?

Stretch marks, tiger stripes, orange peel skin, cellulite - whatever you choose to call it, that swath of dimpled, lumpy skin that usually affects the buttocks and thighs is a common cosmetic condition that affects plenty of women (and men) worldwide. Yes, you’re not alone in this. Cellulite marks can form due to several different reasons such as poor diet, slow metabolism, hormone changes, genetics and even due to the thickness of your skin. The lumpy appearance occurs when fat layers push against the connective tissues and skin. While we should learn to embrace the changes in our body, a little effort by practising the right lifestyle and using the right products can help improve our skin and get rid of cellulite.

Move Your Body

The appearance of cellulite doesn’t discriminate (Fact: cellulite can happen to anyone regardless of size). Therefore, a healthy, well-balanced diet and adequate exercise, particularly strength training, will help to improve muscle tone and ultimately reduce the likelihood of cellulite.

Find Your Fit

Wearing clothing that is far too tight for cellulite-prone areas such as the thighs, hips and buttocks can prove detrimental as it cuts off proper blood flow, resulting in the formation of cellulite. Look for clothing that fits well or is stretchable enough so it doesn’t impede the flow of blood to problem areas to avoid developing cellulite.

Massage Magic

Cellulite formation can be due to several factors, however only several are within our control. Ensuring proper blood circulation and breaking up the tissue bands that cause dimpled skin are some of them. How do you go about this? Massages, of course! Massages essentially comprise repeated movements to pinch, squeeze and roll the fat away from connective tissues. Benefits range from draining excess body fluid to redistributing fat cells and improving your circulation.

There are several types of massages such as kneading, wringing and knuckle massage. The kneading and wringing massages are pretty self-explanatory while the knuckle massage employs a crushing movement to pummel the fat deposits into submission so they dissolve faster. A massage aids in reducing fluid build-up while speeding up the draining of your lymph. Simply start from your feet then work your way upwards to increase blood flow throughout your circulatory system and you’ll be well on your way to plumper, smoother skin. Focus on problem areas such as your waist, hips, thighs and buttocks for optimum results. Bonus points if you use a soothing, detoxifying body oil such as Clarins’ Contour Body Treatment Oil to lock in moisture, leaving your skin velvety smooth.

Count On The Cream

Do massages help in slimming down problem areas? Perhaps not as much as proper exercise would, but every little bit counts. Here’s a tip on how to amp up the effectiveness of your self- massage: try applying a slimming cream. Work on breaking down fatty deposits beneath your skin with a massage cream such as Body Shaping Cream which dishes out a triple dose of skincare benefits; refine, firm up and beautify your skin while pampering yourself with a luxurious self-massage. Go on, you deserve some self-care. Let the Lespedeza extract and caffeine work their slimming magic as you relax. Confused as to how to apply a slimming cream during your self-massage sessions? Fret not, you merely have to pump the recommended amount into your hands and spread it out on your skin as you massage with firm strokes according to your chosen massage style.

Don’t have the time to luxuriate in a long self-massage session? Get straight to combating cellulite with Clarins’ Body Fit range which specifically targets stubborn cellulite and works to reshape and lift your contours for a more sculpted figure. Ladies above the age of 50 may want to add the Super Restorative Redefining Body Care gel to their massage repertoire as it also aids in tightening and lifting slackened skin for a more toned silhouette.

At the end of the day, you should love the skin you’re in. So, simply enjoy your massage and don’t forget to loosen those tight muscles with a relaxing massage because nothing is prettier than a contented smile after a pampering session! Get more tips on how to work out effectively here.

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