Expert advice: key steps to reveal your beauty

    The vital first step
    to glowing skin
    Cleanse & tone

    Gentle cleansing a.m. and p.m. is key to getting your skin into great shape—fresh, radiant and blemish-free.
    Clarins' array of soothing, plant-infused cleansing formulas—and the touch of your hands—smoothes away make-up, pollutants and dirt.
    Finish with one of Clarins' alcohol-free Toning Lotions that neutralize the drying effects of hard water. Thanks to natural plant extracts, they will make your skin feel soft, fresh and supple.

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    facial cleansing
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    Emerge radiant

    Clarins' gentle exfoliating formulas polish-away dull, flaky surface cells revealing the glowing skin beneath.
    Exfoliating once or twice a week stimulates cellular renewal for a more youthful-looking complexion, while enhancing the performance of the Clarins treatments to follow. After exfoliating, apply your favourite beauty mask, put up your feet, and experience a true at-home spa treat.

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    Focus on aging
    Eye care

    The skin around your eyes has the fewest oil glands and is one of the first places to show signs of ageing and fatigue.
    Each day this vulnerable area endures 10,000 blinks that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Stress, tears and lack of sleep can cause puffiness and dark circles, putting years on your look.
    Depending on your concern, apply a Clarins eye cream, serum or gel to clean skin twice a day to keep telltale signs of aging at bay.

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    Lift and define facial contour
    Drain & Shape

    Clarins' pioneer expertise in facial contour evolutionary designed for Asian women's needs.
    Shaping Facial Lift releases fat, drains puffiness and defines facial contour. A small, refined face which is always photogenic, perfect V-shaped contour from every angle.

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    your skin care

    Clarins has a targeted serum for every concern: brightening, whitening, firming, anti-ageing, radiance, oil control, hydration or sensitivity.
    Just a few drops of serum is all it takes to optimize the absorption and action of your Clarins anti-aging skin care routine—replenishing skin's energy so it can be protected aganist fatigue, stress or exposure to harsh environmental aggressors.

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    Moisture management

    Clarins delivers targeted hydration, 24 hours a day—whether your concern is brightening, firming, anti-ageing, radiance, oil control, hydration or sensitivity.
    Our customized day and night moisturizing creams work synergistically—delivering the perfect balance of nourishment and energy for a soft, supple complexion at any age. Each targeted formula leaves skin deeply hydrated and protected from environmental aggressors.

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    Daily defense

    Pollution, sunlight, air conditioning, indoor heating, climatic extremes and stress can all lead to premature signs of ageing.
    To preserve your skin's youthful qualities, face the day with products formulated with UV protection sunscreens. Soothed and shielded from aggressions, your skin will feel comfortable and remain soft, supple and beautiful.