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Learn how to moisturise your face with tips from the skincare experts at Clarins. Whether your skin is dry, oily, combination or none of the above, your face needs to be deeply hydrated each day, and sometimes even several times a day!

All skin types can suffer from temporary dehydration. Just like your body needs water, it’s only natural that your face feels the same need to be hydrated. Lack of hydration can feel like discomfort and tightness. Temperature changes, rain, cold, air conditioning and pollution are just some of the daily external factors that can damage the natural hydration of your skin and make your face feel dry. We're all exposed to these temperature variations several times a day: at home, on the street, or out shopping.

Your face is particularly sensitive, so listening to your skin and learning how to recognise its unique needs are the first steps towards the journey to a glowing complexion.

Our experts have prepared this guide on how to hydrate skin to share their tips and tricks that you could work into your daily rituals with ease! Start out slow by getting into the habit of a daily moisturising ritual or a weekly face mask. Your path to a hydrated and glowing skin is not a race, it is a journey.

Our nature-derived, moisturising serums, creams and masks have been formulated to help you on the way.

01 What are the symptoms of dehydrated skin?

What are the symptoms of dehydrated skin?

Dehydrated and dry skin often have similar symptoms - skin feels tight, there is a feeling of discomfort, the complexion lacks radiance and redness may occur.

Unlike dry skin, dehydrated skin regains its elasticity once it has been deeply hydrated with moisturising creams. When the skin cells are nourished, the hydrolipidic film is reinforced and forms a barrier to retain water. When the temporary lack of water has been addressed, your skin will be soft, radiating a healthy glow.

For dehydrated combination to oily skin, Clarins experts recommend treating your face to a moisturiser with a light texture for gentle replenishment.

02 How can I tell if my skin is dry or dehydrated?

How can I tell if my skin is dry or dehydrated?

Dry skin is a permanent skin type, like having dry hair, while dehydrated skin is a temporary issue, simply fixed with a deeply moisturising face mask.

Dry skin is often sensitive and particularly vulnerable to external stressors. If you have dry skin, our experts suggest moisturising and nourishing it every morning and night, with a lipid-rich cream or a nutrient-dense oil to restore its natural softness and ease discomfort or tightness.

Whilst dry skin is a skin type, dehydrated skin is just lacking water, which can be caused by a change in the skin's hydrolipidic layer that causes the water it contains to evaporate.

Here's a little tip to help you tell when your face needs to be hydrated: Check if your skin shows fine dehydration lines when you pinch your cheek gently between two fingers, just below the eye. Try it for yourself!

03 What causes dehydrated skin?

What causes dehydrated skin?

At any age, skin is sensitive and can negatively react to external conditions we have no power to change. Sun, weather, thermal fluctuations, humidity and pollution can all make your skin dehydrated.

Long, stressful days in front of the computer screen at the office, harsh cosmetics and cleansing products with high pH can also drain your skin’s natural moisture and leave the skin feeling tight and less supple.

If this is the case for you, a self-care day could be just what you need! A long bubble bath, a tall glass of prosecco and an ultra-rich moisturising mask can do wonders for your overall wellbeing and for your skin!

04 What can I do to avoid skin dehydration?

What can I do to avoid skin dehydration?

Your skin has to face many stressors on a daily basis that can damage its natural hydration and make your face feel dehydrated. It is important to protect your skin by adding a moisturising oil or a cream to your skincare ritual.

Clarins has found a way to boost the natural hydration process and compensate for the lack of water and skin dryness that external factors can cause. The moisturising Hydra-Essentiel range is the perfect ally for dehydrated skin.

Enriched with organic leaf of life extract, these facial skincare products activate natural hydration and boost the production of hyaluronic acid, a molecule that helps the skin to retain water.

Recommended as a complement to our moisturising cream, Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum has an intensive thirst-quenching effect. With just a few drops, its splash effect drenches the surface of the skin with a wave of freshness. Smooth and radiant, with its thirst quenched, your skin will feel comfortable and refreshed.

05 How do I choose a moisturiser?

How do I choose a moisturiser?

Depending on your skin type, whether it's dry, oily, combination or none of the above, there are plenty of moisturiser options in the Hydra-Essentiel range!

Finding the thirst-quenching product that responds to the needs of your skin is a real pleasure. Your skin’s thirst will be quenched by fresh and soothing textures that create a sense of wellbeing for the whole face upon application, as well as satisfying its need for hydration.

Normal to dry skin can enjoy the freshness of the sumptuous Light Cream. Normal to combination skin will love Cooling Gel which also protect it from the sun's harmful effects.

Thanks to the Clarins Anti-Pollution Complex*, the Hydra-Essentiel products help to protect the skin from pollution particles, which are responsible for the premature aging of skin cells. All skin types regain radiance, softness and freshness thanks to the regenerative effect of leaf of life, a powerful hydration activator, combined with Callicarpa, known for its effect on the complexion. Reinforcing the skin barrier and the capacity to retain water allows the skin to remain comfortable and hydrated throughout the day.

*not present in Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum.

06 What other steps can I try to rehydrate my face?

What other steps can I try to rehydrate my face?

To prepare the skin for moisturising products, Clarins has enriched its range with Hydra-Essentiel Mist. Best applied when you wake up in the morning, the mist will wake up your face with the hydrating power of its natural ingredients.

Thousands of tiny droplets provide your face with the protection and hydration it needs for whatever the day may bring. All the cells in the epidermis will be bathed in freshness and soak up the moisturising ingredients they need to stay healthy. The soothing effects of the mist will leave your skin feeling soft and intensely moisturised, primed for the benefits of a moisturiser. You can also use the Hydra-Essentiel mist at night to give you a full 24 hours of comfort.

Brimming with ingredients essential for hydration, you’ll love the feeling of absolute wellbeing that this moisturising product provides. Make this new hydrating step part of your beauty routine and it’ll quickly become an indispensable part of your daily routine!

07 Which moisturising routine is best for dehydrated skin?

Which moisturising routine is best for dehydrated skin?

To regenerate the skin, gently remove impurities and eliminate dead cells, exfoliate once or twice a week with gentle Comfort Scrub Cream.

In an emergency, you can compensate for the lack of hydration with a SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask. This express treatment plunges the face into a pool of freshness and intense hydration. You just need a few minutes, morning or night, to deeply hydrate your skin and make it feel supple and radiant again. To maximise the results of your mask and make it work even better, add 1 or 2 drops of natural rebalancing Blue Orchid Treatment Oil.

Make a spritz of Hydrating Multi-Protection Mist a part of your daily routine to refresh, hydrate and prepare your skin properly before applying moisturiser. Boost hydration with a few drops of a thirst-quenching serum, then hydrate intensely with a suitable moisturiser - that's the Clarins experts’ beauty secret to pampering a dehydrated face!

We also recommend taking the time to hydrate and rest your eyes with an Eye Mask. In just 10 minutes, your eye contour will regain a fresh, relaxed look. The skin will be smoother, dark circles will appear reduced thanks to horse chestnut aescin, and signs of tiredness will fade away. You can apply it in the evening and leave it to work overnight, if you like.

To finish off this total hydration programme, Lip Balm with blue lotus wax repairs and moisturises the lips with a nourishing film, leaving behind a soft pink colour. With your moisturising complete, you have everything you need to head out for the day, or apply a little make-up!

One last piece of advice: in both summer and winter you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day! Don't wait until you feel thirsty to hydrate your body. Inside and out, properly hydrated skin shows all the signs of well-being, health and beauty. If you listen to your body and hydrate when it tells you, you’ll give your skin the help it needs to feel fresh every day!

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