Our Commitments to People
and Biodiversity

Thanks to your support, there is a lot of hope for people and the planet this New Year. Each day, Clarins puts the principle of its founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, into practice. Discover our commitments.

Committed to Children

Mary's Meals

As part of our commitment to protecting future generations, Clarins has partnered with Mary's Meals, which provides life-changing school meals to children living in some of the world's poorest communities.


Committed to Biodiversity

Seeds of Beauty

In partnership with PUR, Clarins supports planting programs around the world. Since 2011, more than 800,000 trees* have been planted globally. *Pur

Committed to Biodiversity

Plastic Odyssey

Clarins was the first official partner of Plastic Odyssey, supporting their expedition around the globe to reduce plastic pollution in the ocean and create a global network of local recycling initiatives.

Committed to Biodiversity

Our Local Communities

Our cutting-edge formulas start with nature’s rawest and most precious plants and the people that safeguard them. Discover some of our fair trade supply chains and their programs to support their local communities.

Committed to Research

Fondation Arthritis

Established by Jacques Courtin-Clarins more than 30 years ago, Fondation Arthritis funds research in the field of chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases. With every Tonic Body Treatment Oil sold, Clarins makes a donation to Fondation Arthritis to advance early diagnosis, develop new therapeutic pathways, and restore hope to millions of patients.


2025 : Clarins accelerates and commits

Caring for the planet

  100% sustainable
  80% of ingredients to be
organically cultivated
  100% of packaging
to be recyclable
by 30% Reduction of our global
carbon footprint

Caring for people

fair trade programmes
Take action for
health and children