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Join Club Clarins - the most caring loyalty programme around, featuring specially curated rewards and exclusive privileges all year long.
Classic Membership
Simply make a purchase at any authorised Clarins counter, Skin Spa, Retail Boutique or
Gold Membership
Accumulate a minimum of RM7,000 over 12 months* to become a privileged Club Clarins Gold member.
Member Benefits
Beauty has never been so rewarding! A journey full of exclusive experiences and fabulous rewards starts at Club Clarins.
Classic Membership
Gold Membership
Points Earning
RM1 = 10
Club Clarins points
RM1 = 10
Club Clarins points
Birthday Bonus Points1
2X points for first purchase in birthday month
2X points for all purchases in birthday month
Birthday Gift2
Instant Rewards Redemption3
Access to Exclusive Redemption Rewards
Exclusive Invitation to Club Clarins Events & Launch Previews
1 Applicable to purchases made at all authorized Clarins counters, Skin Spas, Retail Boutiques and
2 Classic Members will receive 1pc trial gift with any purchase during birthday month. Gold Members will receive a 1-time RM100 Birthday E-Voucher to utilize within birthday month at on their first transaction. No minimum purchase is required. Other T&Cs apply.
3 Instant Redemption is available at Clarins counter (Departmental Store), Retail Boutique and Skin SPA. Subject to availability.
* For existing Club Clarins Gold Members, renew your Gold Membership when you spend RM7,000 in 12 months of your Club Clarins Gold anniversary date.
Featured Rewards
Instant Redemption is available at Clarins counter (Departmental Store), Retail Boutique and Skin SPA.
Rewards for redemption at each tier are in limited quantities, and available on a first-come-first-served basis. Rewards are subject to change once they are fully redeemed. Kindly approach our friendly Beauty Advisors for the latest Rewards Catalogue at your nearest Clarins counter.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How do I become a member?
    Simply make a purchase at any authorised Clarins counter, Skin Spa, Retail Boutique and to be eligible as Club Clarins member.
  • 2. What is Membership Status?
    As soon as you join, you are a Classic Member. Your membership will be renewed as long as you make minimum one (1) purchase in the 12 months membership period.
    To be a Gold Member, simply accumulate RM7,000 spend within your 12 months membership period. You may check your membership status by login to
  • 3. How do I earn points?
    Every RM1 spent on Clarins products and treatments are equivalent to ten (10) points in authorised Clarins counter, Skin Spa, Retail Boutique and
  • 4. How do I check my Club Clarins Point Balance?
    You may enquire about your points balance from any authorised Clarins counter, Skin Spa, Retail Boutique or login to
  • 5. When can I start redeeming my rewards?
    You may redeem your points as soon as you accumulate minimum 9,000 points. Expired points cannot be carried forward nor be exchangeable for cash. Rewards catalogue will be change from time-to-time and subject to availability. (while stocks last). Once you have confirmed your redemption and points are deducted from your Club Clarins account, no exchange or refund is allowed.
  • 6. How do I redeem my rewards?
    You may redeem the points at any authorised Clarins counter, Skin Spa and Retail Boutique. Online Redemption is currently unavailable.
  • 7. When is my points expiring?
    Points earned will have 12 months rolling validity and expire on last days of the anniversary month the following year.
  • 8. After I make a purchase, how soon will I see my points?
    Club Clarins points will be reflected in your account within 24 hours after a purchase is made at Clarins counter, Skin Spa or Retail Boutique. For online purchases, points will be reflected within 2-5 working days upon Parcel Delivery Completion.
  • 9. Am I allowed to combine points with my friends?
    No, each member is allowed to have one registered account. Use the points earned within your own membership and may not combine points in any other way.
The management reserves the right to revise the Terms & Conditions, benefits and privileges of Club Clarins Membership without prior notice.

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