Make-Up Tips: How To Prep and Apply Foundation For Dry Skin?

Dry skin is tricky to deal with. Between oily and dry skin, dry skin is even more challenging to tackle as more often than not, trying to cover it with makeup may emphasise cracked, textured and flaky skin.


To counter this, it is advisable to focus on both skincare and makeup in equal parts, and ensure that you incorporate hydrating skincare products as well as foundation with hydrating formulas that would deliver that much-needed moisture boost to your skin.


Do you find yourself dealing with dry skin? Here’s what you can do:

  • 1. Hydrate your skin with the right products

Dehydrated skin is the number one cause of dryness, and this can be resolved not only by drinking plenty of water, but also by using products that quench your skin’s thirst. Avoid scrubbing or exfoliating your face too often if you have dry skin as this can irritate the skin even more. Instead, use cleansers with milder formulas such as the Gentle Foaming Soothing Cleanser and follow up with a soothing, alcohol-free toner like the Hydrating Toning Lotion to calm any irritation.

An effective and moisturising face cream for dry skin has the ability to boost your skin’s hydration and keep it hydrated the whole day, so be sure to pick the right one. Hydra-Essentiel Light Cream, for instance, works for all skin types, but most importantly, it works to plump dehydrated skin with intense moisture. Apply a generous amount of this all over the face every morning—especially before makeup—and every night.

  • 2. Make time for masks

There is no such thing as too much moisture when it comes to dry skin. In fact, your skin will thank you for it. On top of your hydrating skincare products, leave some room for an extra dose of moisture in the form of a mask, such as the SOS Comfort Face Mask. All you need is just ten minutes and the mask will work its magic to calm and soothe the driest of skins and comforts it for a supple and radiant feel.

  • 3. Find a foundation for dry skin with a suitable formula

A fluid foundation or a liquid foundation would work best for dry skin, as it would help to smooth any lines or cracks while gliding on seamlessly. What would be even better is if the foundation comes with extra benefits for the skin such as the Skin Illusion SPF15, which combines both pigment and serum for optimum coverage and hydration throughout the day.


For lighter coverage, apply a lightweight foundation like the Bright Plus Brightening cushion foundation SPF 50 / PA +++. This on-the-go solution provides double oxygenation in a tap, featuring two super oxygenating plant extracts, Rose-myrtle and Acerola seed extracts. It oxygenates skin, leaving it flawless, even and glowy.


These foundations are best applied with a foundation brush with soft synthetic fibres for a soft and evenly blended out finish, as using a brush will help minimise any flakiness that might come with dry skin.


Next, conceal the under eyes and dark circles as well as any potential redness with a high-coverage liquid concealer that also has hydrating properties, such as the Everlasting Concealer. Picking a concealer with an ultra-light formula like the Everlasting Concealer will also help prevent your makeup from looking cakey even after long hours of wear. .


Top off your makeup with a bit of blush - preferably a cream one - for that healthy, radiant look.

Tips for dealing with dry skin

1. Avoid powder foundation or mattifying formulas.


Powder or matte formulas aim to keep the skin dry, and while this works for those with normal to combination skin, those with dry skin should avoid these types of formulas and stick to hydrating, fluid foundations.


2. Skip the exfoliator.


Most exfoliators or scrubs come with beads and abrasive particles that are meant to scrape dead skin cells off the skin. On already dry skin, these ingredients might aggravate the skin more, leading to irritation and redness.


3. Don’t wash your face too often.


Washing the face strips the natural oils that work to hydrate the skin. Keep washing to a minimum, and if necessary, stick to a formula that is gentle on the skin. Another option is to use soothing products like the MY CLARINS RE-MOVE MICELLAR CLEANSING MILK or the Cleansing Micellar Water instead of a cleanser on days when your skin feels drier or particularly sensitive.


4. Make sure your skincare products do not have artificial fragrances.


Artificial fragrances contain alcohol, which is one of the triggers for skin sensitivity, dryness and redness. Allow nothing but natural ingredients or fragrances to touch your face, and you will notice how calm your skin is.


5. Keep yourself hydrated.


Drink a lot of water throughout the day, as this can help your skin recover and hydrate faster. You should also try to avoid excessive consumption of diuretics like caffeine and alcohol as this is very dehydrating to the body and the skin.

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