Skincare Tips: How to Choose and Apply Face Oils?

Clarins, the preferred brand for face oils

For over 60 years, Clarins’ essential oils have been the favourites of women from all over the world. The plant-based formulas are enriched with Hazelnut Oil, an ingredient well known for its many skincare benefits.

Face oils for every skin type

At Clarins, you’ll definitely find a face oil that is suitable for you. Clarins offers 3 types of different rebalancing face oils. Each of these oils is designed for a specific skin type.

If your skin is dehydrated, choose the Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. This best-selling face oil is a targeted treatment for normal skin. This moisture care face oil is combined with plant extracts and essential oils. It contains 100% pure plant extracts such as Blue Orchid, Rosewood and Patchouli. Hazelnut Oil is also added to help prevent moisture loss and fine lines. The combination of plant extracts and essential oils restores radiance and vitality to moisture depleted skin, leaving it soft and nourished.

If you are experiencing irritated and extra-dry skin, go for the Santal Face Treatment Oil - Dry Skin/Redness. Made with 100% pure plant extracts, Clarins’ essential oil with Sandalwood, Cardamom and Lavender tone, reliefs and soothes congested skin. The added Hazelnut Oil helps soften and reduce redness and dryness of skin, prevent moisture loss and restore the suppleness of skin.

The Lotus Face Treatment Oil that best suits oily and combination skin. It contains Clarins’ blend of Geranium and Rosemary essential oils combined with Lotus extract that helps purify skin, refine skin texture and tighten pores. Made with 100% pure plant extracts with added Hazelnut Oil, it softens skin and locks moisture in skin to prevent moisture loss and the forming of fine lines.

Tips on applying face oils

For the Santal Face Treatment Oil, blend a few drops of Clarins face oil of your choice with our night cream and apply it on your face and neck while still damp from your toner. While massaging, focus on problem areas that may be dry and patchy and avoid the eye contour area. Blot excess product with a tissue laid flat over your face. The application of infused face oils can enrich the skin with the various benefits of the essential oil and help you relax and unwind before going to bed.

Alternatively, add a few drops of the Lotus Face Treatment Oil or Blue Orchid Treatment Oil into your toning lotion. Warm the mixture between your hands before applying it onto the face with pressing motions, slowly moving towards the neck. Similarly, excess products can be gently blotted out with a tissue.

For fresh and rested skin, refer to Clarins’ exclusive Draining Pressure Method which helps promote skin radiance. This method maintains the firmness of the face and stimulates natural circulation.

Our Expert’s Tip:

“Finish with a drop of oil on the insides of your wrists. Then, take a deep breath, and you’re ready for bed.” — Denise Barthe, Clarins International Training Director

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