How to achieve beautiful lips
with Lip Comfort Oil - by Simply Sona

Pucker up as you please with an irresistible pout!

Simply Sona’s Look

The Armenian-American make-up artist teaches you all about lip layering: combining lip care and colour for delectable, hydrated, glossy lips.

3 lip looks that will make you smile:

  • LOOK 1

    Plump: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 06

  • LOOK 2

    1. Nourish: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 02


    2. Unleash the colour: Joli Rouge 751

  • LOOK 3

    Add a glossy touch: Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil 07

Our expert tips

Lip Comfort Oil has many uses: it can be used on its own for a veil of gloss, as a primer to nourish the lips and on top of a lipstick for extra shine.

Eric Antoniotti, International Make-Up Training Director