How to apply
Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Bi-Phase Serum

For intensely quenched, fresh and radiant skin.

30 sec.

Day after day your skin is exposed to the dehydrating effects of changing temperatures and environments. This refreshing lightweight serum is designed for dehydrated skin that lacks radiance and is prematurely lined. Pair Bi-phase Serum with your Hydra-Essentiel Light Cream or Cooling Gel to experience the ultimate super-quenching effect.

  • The skin is intensely moisturised, fresh, and smooth.
  • Radiance is revived
  • Skin’s texture is refined
  • Clarins +
  • • Applying the serum with both hands allows for even distribution of the product in order to protect the entire face from the harmful effects of pollution and other external aggressions.
  • • Clarins’ pressure draining method stimulates the skin’s natural circulation and maintains its firmness.
  • • Gently pressing your skin with both hands before applying the product creates immediate sensory well-being.

4 steps for intensely quenched, fresh, comfortable and radiant skin

  • 1


    Shake the Hydra-Essentiel Serum to mix the two phases.
    3 seconds

  • 2


    Warm the mixture in your hands to bring it up to your skin’s temperature and help it take effect instantly.
    3 seconds

  • 3


    Apply with the natural weight of your hands to your neck and décolleté in order to procure an instant sensation of well-being and to distribute the product evenly.
    8 seconds

  • 4


    Drain to stimulate circulation, restore radiance to your complexion and maintain the skin’s firmness. 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead, 5 times on the neck and décolleté.
    16 seconds

    Our expert tips

    Don’t rush the serum step! Shake before use to thoroughly combine the 2 phases.

    Denise Barthe, International Training Director