How to create a smoky eye

A dramatic look for a special night!

Mathahle Stofile’s look

Sometimes a woman needs to flaunt her eyes with a dramatic look. For these special occasions, a smoky eye is ideal! Head to your vanity and follow step-by-step tips with beauty consultant Mathahle.

How to create a smoky eye:

  • EYES

    1. Sculpt: Pro Eyebrow Palette Kit

  • EYES

    2. Shade: 4-Colour Palette 05

  • EYES

    3. Line: Waterproof Eye Pencil

  • EYES

    4. Enlarge your eyes: Supra Volume Mascara 01

  • LIPS

    Unleash the colour: Joli Rouge 753

Our expert tips

For a dramatic smoky eye, apply your eye pencil to the lids and blend out with your finger. Then apply your eyeshadow on top.

Eric Antoniotti, International Make-Up Training Director