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SOS Primer

SOS primer


SOS Primer An effect for every colour!
(Find your colour match!)

Springtime means the return of colour!

Select your beauty concern and find the right colour to beautify your face.

Time to get back to the ‘base-ics’

1 beauty concern
= 1 colour

  • universal light
  • rose
  • peach
  • coral
  • green
  • lavender

SOS Primer is inspired by the concept of the colour wheel:
two opposite shades cancel each other out.
Turn the wheel to discover the colour that complements that of your beauty concern!

  • universal light
  • rose
  • peach
  • coral
  • lavender
  • green
  • Skin looking dull?

    Brighten with white!

    universal light

    In just a few seconds, this corrective primer brightens all types of complexions and captures light for spectacular results.

  • Showing signs of fatigue?

    Time to embrace ‘la vie en rose’!


    Essential allies in fighting a dull complexion, this primer’s pink pigments instantly revitalise the complexion and restore its fresh appearance.

  • Plagued by imperfections?

    We’ve got a solution that’s just peachy!


    Beige pigments mask the purplish tint of imperfections, including dark circles, visible veins, etc., to leave the complexion looking fresh and flawless.

  • Tired of dark spots?

    Try coral on for size!


    Orangey pigments allow this corrective primer to counterbalance blueish pigmentation spots to instantly even out complexion irregularities.

  • Need to get rid of yellow?

    Lavish your complexion with lavender!


    Lavender pigments counterbalance the yellowish tone of skin which is asphyxiated by pollution. The skin’s clarity is restored.

  • Seeing red?

    Try going green!


    Like a beautifying filter, this corrective primer containing green pigments diminishes the look of redness. The complexion is balanced and the skin is soothed.

How to use an SOS Primer

  • As a primer:

    As a primer:

    Apply SOS Primer all over your face after your regular day cream. Use alone or mix with your regular foundation.

  • For touch-ups or finishing:

    For touch-ups or finishing:

    Apply a small amount of primer to areas to correct, then lightly dab your foundation over it.


    If several of these beauty concerns apply to you, you may combine several shades of SOS Primer


Convenient and travel-friendly, the pump tube guarantees precise, mess-free use in any situation. Ideal for quick, ultra-simple and targeted application!

 Discover Clarins' Secret

Smooth & Glow


Lisse Minute

universal light rose peach coral green lavender

For even more spectacular results, mix SOS Primer with Instant Smooth Perfection Touch. Its incredibly lightweight and smooth formula glides onto the skin, forming an imperceptible veil on its surface to smooth and fill in fine lines and wrinkles in under a minute. The skin is smoothed, and the complexion appears even, radiant and balanced.

They tried it and loved it:
now try it for yourself!

  • 80% The primer offers targeted, precise correction **

  • 90% Sets make-up instantly **

  • 79% This product is the perfect moisturising primer **

**Satisfaction test – 2 weeks – 498 women.

The Clarins Bonus

More than just colour, a formula that cares for the skin.

SOS Primer is made with organic sea lily extract to deliver 24-hour hydration* to the skin.

The fine, weightless texture lets the skin breathe, and it is formulated with the Clarins anti-pollution complex to protect the skin from environmental stressors.

*Hydration kinetics – 24 hours – 11 women.

Sea lily

No compromises on results!

A glowing complexion and flawless-looking make-up... Thanks to its High Lumitech complex, SOS Primer instantly corrects, brightens and revives the complexion: diffusion of light is multiplied and imperfections are masked through an optical effect.

... Thanks to a texture that blends flawlessly into the skin! Lightweight, refreshing and oil-free: the fluid texture of SOS Primer offers easy application and leaves the skin feeling comfortable all day long. The complexion is evened out, and make-up hold is prolonged.

The look for spring

This spring, look as a pretty and fresh as a rose!