Men's Skincare Tips: Can Men Use Women’s Skincare?

Traditionally, men aren’t accustomed to receiving attention for their skin, considering most men’s facial products, aside from perfume and apparel, do not generate as much marketing efforts from advertisers and promoters. This is because, when compared to women, it is a received notion that men need little to no care when it comes to their skin.

Difference between Men’s skin and women’s skin

Largely owing to the fact that men’s skin is different due to the presence of facial hair, this does not mean that men need to put in the least amount of effort. In fact, this means that men should invest in products that are specifically targeted to them.

A man’s facial skin is thicker, and its follicles secrete more oils. Even on a hormonal level, men’s skin is different from that of women’s. Hence, this does seem like men actually age slower, perpetuating the belief that men don’t need as much skincare.

That being said, a typical example of a man’s skincare routine would most probably be ordinary soap, his partner or sister’s facial regimen or whatever it is that his hands come into contact with in the shower. While most products targeted for women will work fine for both men and women, most of them include specific ingredients such as peeling agents and other acids, which are unnecessary for men’s skin.

Men’s skincare vs women’s skincare

The expected question would be, “Can men use women’s skincare?”. Yes, of course, but it might not be as effective, given the difference in ingredients used between skincare products for men and women. It is advisable to invest in skincare products for men that are designed to specifically meet their needs.

So, what exactly do men need in their skincare regime?

The most basic and essential skincare routine for men

It is advisable to stick to a low-maintenance yet targeted routine — again, men’s skin are nowhere near as complicated as women’s. A man’s perfect skincare routine should include:

  • Facial wash
    Fit for any kind of skin type — be it oily, dry, normal or combination — the ClarinsMen Active Face Wash works to purify and gently rid the skin of impurities, dirt and traces of pollution. In case the skin is damaged by razor burn, this cleanser will soften, tone and shield it from further damage.

  • Shaving Balm and Aftershave
    As men would typically shave often, a handy shaving balm would be best to have at the ready. Get a shaving balm or aftershave that’s formulated to ease razor glides so that the skin will always be protected from any irritation and cuts. Those that are enhanced with plant-based ingredients work best to avoid irritation. Using a shaving product would also help prevent razor burns, acne and dilated pores that typically come with shaving.

  • Moisturising Skincare and Sunscreen
    Everyone wants to look their best all-day, every day, and men are no exception. With ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm/Gel, no men will ever fall prey to the wrongdoings of dry skin. Whether it is the freshness of a ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel or the comfort of a ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm, you’ll definitely have moisture on your side.

    As men are known to be more outdoorsy and sporty, it is imperative for them to utilise a good sunscreen that also shields them from airborne pollutants. The ClarinsMen UV Plus Anti-Pollution, for example, will protect the skin from both the sun, pollution and other forms of stress. This product is best used to end a men’s skincare routine, and to start the day with.

  • Serum or treatments
    Although there are substantial differences between men and women’s skin, men too tend to lose collagen over time. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a good treatment that will work against time to fight wrinkles and fine lines, such as Clarins’ Double Serum. This multitasking serum features a hydrolipidic and biomimetic double formula that stimulates the five vital functions: hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration and protection.

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