Make-Up Tips: How to Choose and Apply Lipsticks?

Lipstick has been around for ages and has been part of history for showing status and making a statement. This day and age, lipsticks still play a part in changing your look and style, even more than ever. There isn’t a set rule for how lipstick should be applied, but there is a general foolproof way of choosing a lip colour, as well as how to care for your lips. Here are some tips and tricks for the next time you go lipstick shopping.

Invest in a good lip balm

The first step to lip makeup, or any kind of makeup for that matter, is caring for it. Ensure that your lips are well-moisturised and healthy so any product application thereafter will go on smoothly and prevent the formation of flaky lips. For example, just as you are about to begin your makeup routine or skincare routine, dap a generous amount of a balm such as the Hydra-Essentiel Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm. By the time you’re ready to apply some lip products, your lips would be prepared.

Choose a texture that suits you

There are many types of lip cosmetics to choose from, but be sure to choose one that you’re most comfortable with.

For those who shy away from any loud colour and prefer to keep it natural, consider a lipstick that enhances the natural lip colour, such as the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, a softly-textured lip gel that leaves your lips soft, smooth, shiny and plump. Another option is the Water Lip Stain that’s made to last for 300 kisses. For a more striking and intense colour, apply more layers.

Beginners in lipstick-wearing or those who would like a more sheer colour and nourishing formula to complement their makeup look instead of making the lips the focal point would benefit from a satin and creamy lip lacquer, such as the Joli Rouge.

If the lips are decidedly the main attraction, especially for expert lipstick-wearers, then a matte formula and texture like the ones from the Joli Rouge Velvet would be best. Its finish is matte, but it will last the whole day (or night) while still providing hydration.

Choose the right lip colour to suit the occasion

As a general rule, it is best to avoid lip colours that have a grey, ashy or overly pale finish as these are considered universally unflattering.

However, there are a couple of suggestions that can help you figure out the perfect colour to use. For example, if you’re looking to choose a colour that would enhance your office or work look for a more polished appearance. A nude colour such as Joli Rouge Velvet’s 705V Soft Berry, 732V Grenadine, 757V Nude Brick would be a nice touch.

Those looking to switch up their regular lipstick to something a bit brighter could give brighter pinks a go, as it will add more radiance and sweetness to the face. Colours that will flatter include Joli Rouge Velvet’s 760V Pink Cranberry and the 762V Pop Pink.

Special dinners or engagements call for a special lip colour like the 742 Joli Rouge as your main accessory. The fiery red colour attracts a lot of attention and help to sharpen your features.

The lipstick application ritual

Step 1: Regularly exfoliate the lips to get rid of dry and chapped lips with a nourishing oil-based scrub made for dry lips, like Clarins’ Comfort Scrub.

Step 2: Apply a lip balm, as mentioned earlier. You can do this whenever you can, or right before your regular makeup routine. You can also use a nourishing lip oil as an overnight hydrating treatment.

Step 3: This is an optional step, but if you manage to find a lip liner that matches your lipstick perfectly, line your lips with it first. This helps to define your lips for a more flawless look. For those who prefer a stronger lip colour, it is advisable to draw the lips in as all of the attention would be directed to the mouth area, so best be sure that the shape looks great!

Step 4: Apply the lipstick of your choice. You can apply it straight from the lipstick bullet, or use a lip brush, or even your fingers for a more lived-in and tinted effect. For a more long-lasting application, blot after the first swipe and add another swipe of lipstick.

Step 5: Depending on how you like your lips to look, you could add a layer of Lip Oil for the extra shine and nourishment.

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