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Clarins Malaysia: Lip Stain

Lip stains are gaining more popularity as a desired trend, with ladies all over Malaysia sporting the gradient lip look. With a lip stain, colour is concentrated at the centre of your lips, creating the illusion of a smaller mouth.

It’s no surprise that ladies are swooning over Clarins’ Water Lip Stain, one of the best-selling lip tints in Southeast Asia. Its watery texture helps achieve that trendy look very effortlessly and naturally. Made with plant-derived active ingredients, this well-loved lip stain in Malaysia delivers highly pigmented colours.

Choose between four natural shades like Rose Water, Orange Water, Red Water and Violet Water. If you don’t like the creamy texture of lipsticks, you’ll love the extra light, barely-there, water-based texture of the Water Lip Stain. You’ll notice the change in colour immediately. In fact, your lips will appear seemingly tinted with colour. A #ClarinsTip is to apply it to the centre of your lips before tracing your lip line. Feel free to experiment with the colour intensity to achieve your desired look.

For those who want a very natural, mattified finish, the watery texture of our Clarins Water Lip Stain does the trick. As pigmented as lipstick and as light as a lip tint, you can wear it for hours without the need to reapply after meals or drinks. Formulated with organic aloe vera and raspberry, this lip stain also softens and moisturises your lips.

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