Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert

Supporting women day-to-day at every point in their lives is how Clarins has approached beauty for over 50 years.

In 2020, Clarins will be breaking new ground again, enriching Stretch Mark Control Cream with its latest discoveries in the field of plant active ingredients to bring you Body Partner - a highly effective, plant-powered body cream that targets stretch marks while soothing the skin.

Body Partner product with plants Centella

Advanced 4D^ Action on Stretch Marks

Motherhood, puberty, significant and rapid weight fluctuations can all be responsible for the appearance of stretch marks. Body Partner is formulated with minimal plant-based ingredients, including Clarins’ new PhytoStretchComplex—a blend of Centella Asiatica and Organic Green Banana extracts—to promote visible skin elasticity and leave skin smooth and comfortable. With Body Partner, you can count on Clarins to support women more than ever.

  • Promotes visible skin firmness and elasticity
  • Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks
  • Soothes and relieves feelings of tightness

^Proven efficacy on 4 dimensions of stretch marks:
width, length, depth, colour.
Clinical study after 56 days of use on 38 women (for width, length, depth) and 43 women (for colour).”

Body Partner
Stretch Mark Expert

RM285.00 | 175ml


Have a question? Here's everything you need to know

Stretch mark pictogram

What are stretch marks?

 expectant mother

Stretch marks are unsightly marks that take the form of lines on the surface of the skin. They start out red, turning white over time.

They are frequently found on the stomach, thighs, buttocks and bust. More often than not, their appearance is caused by excessive stretching of the skin, which loses its elasticity. In particular, excessive weight gain and pregnancy make stretch marks more likely. However, hormonal imbalances can also facilitate their formation.

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How can Body Partner
reduce my stretch marks?

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To target stretch marks effectively, you need one solution that acts on four levels: width, length, depth, and colour.

After applying Body Partner, stretch marks were reduced on four levels:

  • Width: - 4.8%*
  • Length: - 5.6%*
  • Depth: - 14.3%*
  • Colour: - 36.2%**

+22.7%*: After 56 days of using Body Partner, stretch marks on the surface of the skin look more like skin without stretch marks.

*Clinical study – 38 women – 56 days
**Clinical study – 43 women – 84 days

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Is Body Partner safe
to use during pregnancy?

Body Partner product tip

Clarins Laboratories does not compromise on the safety or high tolerance required of a product that may be intended for an expectant mother. Formulated with a reduced number of ingredients, Body Partner contains active ingredients selected from a narrow list on the basis of their effectiveness, perfect tolerance and safety. All the ingredients selected have been the subject of many toxicological studies by independent experts.

As well as being practical, the new airless pump tube preserves the quality of the formula and ensures complete safety.

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How should Body
Partner be applied?

Body Partner product application method video

The easy application method designed by Clarins helps the skin to better withstand natural stretching. It involves using gentle circular massage and concentrating on those areas subject to stretching (stomach, breasts, thighs, hips).

1Place your hands in a triangle on your stomach. Move them downwards, all over the stomach and navel area, without taking your hands off.
2With the palm of your left hand, make a circular motion from the outside to the inside of the right breast. Do the same for the left breast.
+ routine / application routine video
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How can I soothe skin
prone to stretch marks?

Product + texture

Remedying stretch marks on four levels is essential, but not enough to restore real everyday comfort. Tight-feeling skin needs to be soothed. Clarins Laboratories has chosen glycyrrhetinic acid, a molecule recognized in pharmaceutics for its anti-inflammatory action, which comes from liquorice. It has proven its efficacy at inhibiting mediators of inflammation and thus alleviating discomfort.

Glycyrrhetinic acid has proven very effective at providing relief.

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What is Clarins’
botanical innovation?

Organic Banana and Centella Asiatica plants Centella

An expert in plant-based beauty products, Clarins has taken organic green banana extract and asiaticoside from centella asiatica (purified molecule from the plant) and combined them in Body Partner for optimum effectiveness.

This innovative botanical synergy has produced [PhytoStretchComplex], capable of strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers that give the skin its firmness and resistance to stretching. The appearance of stretch marks is effectively prevented and, for the first time, Body Partner also acts on stretch marks on four levels:

  • 1 width
  • 2 length
  • 3 depth
  • 4 color

An innovation that serves to visibly reduce the appearance of stretch marks old and new.

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