Everlasting Youth Fluid Product


Everlasting Youth Fluid

Capture the Youthful Light

Clarins Expertise

The best of make-up and Clarins skincare concentrated in 1 foundation

  • Conceals age spots and imperfections
  • Luminous colour
  • A radiant even complexion that glows all day long
  • Your skin is firmer, smoother, more luminous*

*Clinical test on 34 women
for 28 days

Skincare Foundation

Time erases your complexion's healthy rosy glow. New addition of Skin Tone Optimising complex formula is a blend of pigments, rosy pearls, and soft-focus powders that creates all-day luminous colour and an even complexion.


Redefined Texture For A Sensorial Experience

Lavish in Everlasting Youth Fluid's creamy yet lightweight texture that astounds the senses. Formulated with plumping konjac micropearls, nourishing organic argan oil, and firming organic oat sugars, your skin will recover its youthful-ness with firm and smooth skin.

Foundation For All

Everlasting Youth Fluid is perfectly suited for all as it adapts to every skin type.

Where Skincare Matters

It’s a fact. There are two ways your skin renders ambient light:



Part of the light your skin reflects on the surface is radiance. The smoother your skin, the more radiance it gives off.



The remaining light is absorbed by your skin deep down and then bounces back as luminosity. The denser the collagen fibre network, the more intense the luminosity.

Backed by our skincare expertise, we found the best active ingredients in nature to create Everlasting Youth Fluid.

Ready to learn the real secret?

Chicory Extract for Firm and Luminous Skin

Why Chicory Extract?

Clarins Laboratories was intrigued by its ability to boost the synthesis of collagen.

This benefits the skin by increasing:

  • + Luminosity
  • + Firmness
  • + Resilience

Fun Fact About Chicory Extract

Also known as the “blue daisy,” this pretty plant faithfully follows the sun’s path from dawn until dusk, down to its last petal. And just like a three-act performance, it changes colour depending on the time of day: blue in the morning, light blue during the day, and white at night as it closes up when the sun dips below the horizon.

Jania Rubens Extract for Smoother and Radiant Skin

A well-known compound at Clarins for its tendency to promote skin exfoliation, Jania Rubens Extract is also a member of this cast.

Why Jania Rubens Extract?

This extract helps eliminate dead skin cells thereby increasing the light reflected off the surface of the skin.

This benefits the skin by making it:

  • + Smoother
  • + More Radiant
  • + More Polished
Thanks to these two active ingredients working on both levels of the skin, you only need a few drops of Everlasting Youth Fluid to maximise your skin’s luminosity and radiance.

Proven and Approved

Clinically proven skincare effectiveness

After 28 days of using this foundation every day, the skin is:

  • +Firmer
  • +Smoother
  • +More Luminous*

*Clinical test on 34 women for 28 days

Women also approve:

Immediate effect:

  • 95%The complexion
    is even 95%*
  • 90%Age spots and imperfections
    are reduced 90%*

*Consumer test on 104 women for 21 days

Effect on untreated skin after three weeks:

After 28 days of using this foundation every day, the skin is:

  • +35%Skin is more
    radiant 35%**
  • +37%Skin is
    smoother 37%**
  • +25%Skin is
    firmer 25%**

**Consumer self-assessment by 104 women for 21 days