Body Care Tips: How to Prevent and Get Rid of Cellulite?

Is it possible to get rid of cellulite?

Airbrushed skin, makeup and the right clothes can all help you hide the tell-tale signs of cellulite, but is there a more permanent solution that doesn’t require covering up? While not a medical affliction, cellulite remains an unwanted cosmetic condition that affects women and men worldwide. Taking the appearance of dimpled-looking skin, problem areas tend to be where fatty tissue concentrates beneath the skin such as the thighs, buttocks and hips.

Although plenty of medical procedures promising to eliminate cellulite have cropped up over the years, they’re often expensive and sometimes even painful with varying degrees of success. Enter the anti-cellulite cream, the safer, gentler way to eradicate those unwanted marks. Consistent usage of anti-cellulite creams, body treatment oils and slimming creams can deliver visible results so, don’t give up on your skin just yet. Coupled with several lifestyle changes and a little help from Clarins’ extensive range of cellulite-busting products, you’ll be ready to flaunt your gorgeously smooth skin in no time at all!

How to get rid of cellulite

1. The right exercises
Cellulite develops when fat layers push against connective tissues and skin, thus creating a dimpled or lumpy appearance. In order to prevent your skin from developing more cellulite marks, it’s essential to tackle the root of the problem - the amount of fatty tissues that develop under your skin. The right exercises can help to tone and strengthen muscles as well as aiding in attempts to burn off fat in your problem areas. Strength training will help improve muscle tone and reduce the likelihood of cellulite developing on the waist, hips and thighs. A quick routine of squats and step-ups with leaning steps will help to tone the sides of your thighs, hips and glutes if you’re pressed for time.

2. The right diet
A balanced diet greatly reduces cellulite when paired with consistent exercise and the application of body slimming creams or oils. Foods that help your body to burn fat, boost metabolism and stop collagen hardening will aid in your quest to eliminate cellulite from problem areas. Incorporate foods such as green tea, oranges, broccoli and nuts into your diet. Broccoli doesn’t just fulfil your daily requirement of greens, it contains alpha-lipoic acid, a naturally-occurring substance that prevents collagen from hardening and subsequently preventing cellulite from developing. Loading up on oranges delivers a boost of vitamin C to your skin as well as methoxylated bioflavonoids, which helps improve the blood circulation and correct cell imbalances that lead to cellulite. Wash it all down with at least 2-3 cups of green tea per day to see a marked improvement in your skin’s appearance. Green tea will help boost your metabolism, inhibits fat absorption, and contains theobromine which stimulates the release of stored fats.

3. The right products
What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put into your body, hence it’s important to select the right treatment for your cellulite woes, be it a slimming cream for your tummy, a body contour cream to target both cellulite appearance and reshape your body contours, or a slimming body lotion to help you keep your silhouette trim and fit.

Perhaps you’ve already started working out regularly to help tone your muscles but loathe the lingering muscle aches, or you simply need a rejuvenating massage every now and then. Regardless of the reason, the Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil should be one of your go-to treatments to improve your skin’s elasticity while simultaneously helping to contour your body. Purify, soothe and contour your body all in one when you gently but firmly massage this oil into tired muscles, focusing on the hips and thighs for a sensual cellulite-busting treatment.

For stubborn areas, a body slimming cream such as our Clarins Body Shaping Cream is a must. Targeting stubborn fat around the thighs, hips and stomach – it refines, firms and beautifies skin while enveloping you in its comforting creamy texture. Containing Lespedeza extract to accelerate the elimination of stubborn fat and slow formation of new fat, it quickly works to break up fatty layers beneath the skin that causes the dimpled appearance. Working in tandem with the Poppy extract is an infusion of Quince extract that helps to improve the elasticity and firmness of skin to counteract the lumpy appearance that comes as a result of fat elimination.

Alternatively, the Body Fit cream is also a great option to get rid of cellulite. Working in much the same way as the Body Shaping Cream, our Body Fit cream helps to visibly minimise the appearance of cellulite while lifting and reshaping your body’s contours with the help of ingredients such as Quince, Celosia, Water Mint and Horse Chestnut.

The Super Restorative Redefining Body Care gel is more suited to individuals who favour lightweight gels as opposed to creamier textured products. Formulated with the changes that a woman’s figure undergoes after the age of 50 in mind, the Super Restorative Redefining Body Care gel works to streamline your silhouette instantly while simultaneously hydrating skin, diminishing wrinkles and comforting dry skin.

For more cellulite removal and body contouring solutions, check out our Body Contouring range.

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