Body Care Tips: How to Prevent Premature Ageing
on Your Body?


Have you recently started noticing the first signs of ageing on your skin? Everyone ages, that’s an undeniable fact of life, but have you stopped to wonder if you’re physiologically ageing faster than your actual age? As our bodies age, we start to notice a host of natural changes such as looser skin, increasingly uneven fat distribution, wrinkles, sagging skin and more. While ageing gracefully is a dream many hold, premature ageing isn’t. How can you reverse or slow down the ravages of time on your skin? Read on to find out more.

Signs of premature ageing

Premature ageing is never welcome. With that said, there are signs you can look out for that your body could be prematurely ageing faster than your actual biological age. Signs such as dull, sagging or dehydrated skin are all clear signs that your body isn’t ageing as well as you had hoped.

What causes your skin to age prematurely?

There are many causes as to why we age prematurely, ranging from lifestyle choices, environmental factors, simple genetics or incomplete personal care routines. Lifestyle choices such as smoking expose skin to oxidative stress, environmental factors such as prolonged sun exposure results in UV rays damaging skin cells, and genetics are simply what “you are born with”. Many unfortunately suffer from premature ageing due to having an incomplete personal care routine that doesn’t regularly feature body firming products or skin tightening cream – resulting in their skin lacking the help it needs in order to fight off premature ageing. Other factors that may contribute to this also include stress, sleeping habits and dietary choices.

Solutions and prevention for premature ageing

Once we hit the age of 25, our skin starts producing less collagen – the vital protein tasked with providing our skin with its structure. With the slowdown of collagen production, signs of premature ageing can show itself as early as in our 20s! There is a wise saying that prevention is better than cure, hence you should be using cream for sagging products before your skin starts sagging.

One of the biggest changes you can make to reverse and also slow the effects of premature ageing, is simply making adjustments to your everyday routine. Here are some of the solutions you should incorporate into your self-care process:

  • Regularly use firming lotions and products
    The earlier you adopt a routine of regularly using firming lotion, the sooner your skin can get a head start in staving off premature ageing effects. An alternative to skin-firming body creams and lotions, is a firming body oil like the Tonic Body Treatment Oil that you can easily apply directly on the skin or even a few drops in the bath as you soak. It’s essential that application is consistent, so use it regularly to keep skin moisturised and supple.

  • Apply body moisturiser or serum
    Regularly applying anti-ageing body moisturisers or serums helps your skin trap moisture, giving it a more youthful appearance. You should consider the Renew-Plus Body Serum, an anti-wrinkle, moisturising body serum that eliminates dry, flaky skin cells – leaving skin soft, supple and bright.

  • Use products suitable for your skin and needs
    We can’t stress this enough. You are unique, and so are your skin’s needs. If your skin needs a bit more help in the tummy area, look for tummy tightening cream. If your skin needs some firming up, try incorporating a skin-firming body cream such as the Extra-Firming Body Cream or the Extra-Firming Body Lotion.

  • Adjust your lifestyle
    Making a conscious effort to stay out of the sun, stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake and adopting a well-balanced diet are but some of the everyday things you can do to help combat premature ageing.

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