How to Achieve Flawless Skin

A fresh and radiant complexion, even when tired.

12 min.

Your Morning Routine For A Beautiful, Energized Skin

Here are some essential tips to gently revive a dull, tired skin; even when you have had a long night before.

3 Steps to Beautiful, Energized Skin

    1. Warm

    1. Warm the product
    in your hands
    to bring it up
    to face temperature
    and help
    it sink in instantly

  • 2. Apply

    2. Apply evenly, then massage in a gentle circular motion

  • 3. Rinse

    3. Rinse

  • 2. NOURISH
    1. Warm

    1. Warm the product
    in your hands
    to bring
    it up to face

  • 2. Smooth

    2. Smooth the mask over
    the entire face
    and neck

  • 3. Leave on

    3. Leave on

  • 4. Rinse

    4. Rinse with water 10 minutes

    1. Warm

    1. Warm the product
    in your hands
    to bring
    it up to skin
    temperature and help
    it take effect

  • 2. Rapidly

    2. Rapidly smooth from the centre
    of the face
    outwards, starting with the cheeks, followed by the forehead; go down the neck and décolletage in the direction of lymphatic circulation.


For an instant reviving action, use Beauty Flash Balm as a 10-minute mask in the morning, wash off with water, apply lotion, then your makeup.

Denise Barthe, International Training Director