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The project was born in 2011, when two caring individuals met, drawn together by their shared belief in how educating children can make the world a better place: Christian Courtin-Clarins and Lauren Bush Lauren.

Clarins and FEED are proud to be supporting the UN’s food-assistance branch: World Food Programme.

Together, we’re helping thousands of children improve their diet and receive an education.

*World Food Programme

To date, Clarins has helped distribute:


school meals around the world.


Clarins is proud to partner with FEED and support the United Nations World Food Programme in their fight to end world hunger — an epidemic that affects millions of children around the world.

For every Clarins’ FEED pouch, Clarins and FEED will donate 7 school meals to children in need through the World Food Programme.

FEED pouch
1 FEED pouch
= Meal picture
7 meals donated
Lauren Bush Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren:
a woman with conviction.

Returning home from a trip abroad as a spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in which she was brought face-to-face with world hunger, Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED Projects in 2007 with a view to setting up school nutrition programmes. She came up with the idea of creating a product that would raise public awareness of world hunger and set about designing and promoting her FEED 1 bag. The “1” stands for one meal for one school child for one year.

Eradicating malnutrition

“Hero” a film by FEED

A single meal, a multitude of benefits.

Our children are the future. We must provide them with education, nutrition and health.

Christian Courtin-Clarins

Financing school meals not only enables us to feed children in need but also to improve school attendance and access to education. Over and above eradicating malnutrition, these meals are also an opportunity for children to learn, play, grow and receive the education they deserve. An entire year of meals and schooling can change a life.

Clarins is supporting future generations through our child welfare initiatives. Our partnership with FEED embodies the key values that are at the heart of Clarins’ mission.

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A single meal,
a multitude of benefits.

Financing school meals not only enables us to feed children in need
but also to improve school attendance and access to education.
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of our work in the field:

Project in Honduras

FEED & CLARINS, project in Honduras

What is in the meals?

What is in the meals?


Each year, we launch a special campaign during which we include a limited-edition FEED pouch or bag with the purchase of our products.

Each FEED & Clarins pouch and bag bears a figure: the number of meals that Clarins aims to finance for each bag distributed.