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Dhamma Rakhsa Reforestation Program in Thailand

Thailand Reforestation and Biodiversity Preservation Program

  • Preserving and regenerating biodiversity
  • Protecting water and precious plant resources
  • Helping women improve their livelihood with sustainable farming

With this program, Thai women are empowered to restore forests and develop new sources of income linked to reforestation and sustainable agriculture.

Why this Program?

At Clarins, we acknowledge that our activities have impacts on the environment and we are committed to limit these impacts as much as possible.


Deforestation is a key contributor to climate change. By helping Thai farmers replant their forests in a sustainable way, Clarins wants to add positive impacts on biodiversity, water, climate and economic development.

Dhamma Rakhsa "Nature is the Remedy"

The Program is implemented in areas of Thailand which have suffered massive deforestation. Without the forests, Thai farmers struggle with environmental issues such as soil erosion and insufficient water resources. Women, who cultivate this barren land, are the most affected.


Inspired by Thailand’s strong forestry culture, Clarins and Pur Projet are helping Thai women replant native species of trees within their community forests and also along their rice, coffee and banana plantations.


This brings back forests, biodiversity and fertility.

  • Program implemented by Pur Projet and supported by Clarins
  • 2 provinces in Thailand: Chiang Rai and Yasothorn
  • 500 small-scale farmers participating
  • 135,000 trees planted since 2013 by Clarins

Did you Know?

  • 30% of land-area on the earth is covered by forests
  • 13 million hectares of forest are lost every year thru deforestation
  • 20% of global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions are linked to deforestation and to land use
  • Deforestation is the second biggest contributor to climate change

Program Benefits

Reforestation helps fight climate change, maintain water resources, irrigate the soil and restore biodiversity

Climate positive: Trees capture and store CO2 from the atmosphere as they grow (*)

  • Trees absorb CO2: 1 tree = 0.25 t CO2eq
  • 1 hectare preserved = 2 t CO2eq

Water positive: Trees help regulate water flows and stabilize soils (*)

  • Soil enrichment
  • Soil and water depollution:
    • 1 tree = - 25g nitrate / year* (water quality)
    • 1 tree = - 0.01g pesticides/ year* (soil depollution)
  • Preservation of water resources :
    • 1 tree = +900 liters / year* (water retention)
  • Natural protection against draughts, soil erosion, storms

(*) Source: Pur Projet

Reforestation creates new economic opportunities for the women implementing the program

Reforestation adds multiple benefits to agricultural production: it enriches the soil with nutriments, helps retain water in the soil and makes it more fertile. It also provides a better protection against floods.


As the soil becomes more fertile, farmers can increase their production yields and revenues.


In the long-term, they can develop a more productive and sustainable agricultural activity, which is also more protective of the environment.

Program Partners

This program is implemented for Clarins by Pur Projet, a partner in other social initiatives of the brand in China, Peru, Brazil.


To implement this program, Pur Projet works in partnership with local communities - the farmers of ORFSC cooperative and the Community Agro Ecology Foundation (CAEF) in Surin,and Don Jiang - taking into account their needs, existing resources and long-term sustainable development objectives.