Make-Up Tips: How To Achieve
The ‘No Make-up’ Make-up Look

The history of makeup is long and illustrious. From disguising your flaws to emphasising your best assets with the right tools, it has now evolved into one of the most interesting trends yet - the no-makeup look. What could even be more interesting is the fact that the no-makeup look requires perhaps, even more skill and application than a run-of-the-mill makeup look.

There are some unsaid rules and theories when it comes to the question of how to apply natural makeup, but there is essentially only one thing to remember: focus on the skin. That being said, here are natural makeup tips to achieve that flawless, minimal look:

1. Moisturise your skin

As mentioned earlier, this look is essentially all about the skin. Begin the no-makeup look ritual with a trusty moisturiser that you could generously lather on for well-hydrated and radiant skin, such as the Hydra-Essentiel Light Cream, which works on all skin types.

2. Conceal only where necessary

The challenge in executing the no-makeup look is to know when to stop so that you don’t go too far. It can be tempting to cover everything in a blanket of colour. Give your skin a breather and conceal only where necessary, such as dark circles and stubborn spots. Take away dark shadows and add more light where necessary with a concealer that also acts as a highlighter, such as the Instant Light Brush-On Perfector.

Prime your face with a colour-correcting primer to give a naturally radiant shine on your complexion. Primers are not only great as a make-up base, it’s designed to give your complexion some luminosity without adding too much weight. Likewise, the SOS Primer is a great choice if you want to go foundation-free. With Organic Sea Lily extracts, it lights up dull, tired-looking skin while giving it a moisturising boost. Choose a nude coloured or a rosy-toned primer for that energised look.

If you want better coverage, go for a lightweight foundation that has a natural finish to complete your no-makeup look. The Skin Illusion comes with SPF 15 and is formulated with plant extracts combining skincare and make-up into one. It has the fluidity of a serum, resulting in an easy application for a barely-there texture. It’s the perfect ultra-natural foundation that gives you dewy-looking skin.

3. Highlight the high points of your face

Using the same versatile product such as the SOS Primer in 00 Universal Light, highlight your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and cupid’s bow - wherever your face naturally catches the light. Choose a highlighter that isn’t too pearlescent or shimmery, as this can easily give your no-makeup look away. Instead, opt for a colour that gives off a subtle, natural shine.

4. Add a flush of blush

Take a small amount of blush and apply sparingly on the apples of your cheeks. A cheek product such as the Joli Blush would blend in with any skin tone and add a touch of glow to the cheeks for a radiant finish.

5. Powder the T-zone

One thing that really stands out with the no-makeup look is the naturally dewy texture of the skin. Take a translucent powder such as the Mineral Loose Powder and very lightly powder where the skin would produce more oil such as the forehead, nose and the cheek area next to your nose. Avoid packing on powder all over the face as this might look cakey.

6. Natural eye makeup

It is optional to go for natural eye makeup, but if you need the extra definition around the eyes, choose an eyeshadow with natural tones. The Ombre Collection consists of several finishings and textures for you to create your desired look, including satin, velvet and sparkle. Choosing natural shades, such as pinks, nudes and light brown tones help to emphasize the natural contours of your eyes, making them seems more defined.

How to easily apply eyeshadow:

  • Lightly shade the socket of your eyes with the eyeshadow before filling in your eyebrows.
  • Finish off by brushing them neatly and setting them with a holding wax.
  • Next, apply light coats of mascara that would enhance your natural lashes, such as the Wonder Perfect Mascara.
  • Another pro tip is to highlight the inner corners of your eyes with a sparkly eyeshadow, such as the Ombre Sparkle in Gold Diamond to make your eyes seem bigger, brighter and doe-eyed.

7. Natural lips

Finish off your natural look with a nude lipstick, or a shade that is the closest to your own lip colour. Natural colour lipsticks would work best for this look, or you may opt for a tinted lip oil that adds the lightest pop of colour for a healthy, radiant set of lips.

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